Keep your winter wear intact…

Winter has gone – Let’s store our winter fashion for Next Season!!

I was just wrapping up the winter clothes of the family and had to face a great dilemma for preserving them and keeping them intact till the arrival of the next winter. The costly wind-cheaters and jackets, sweaters, scarves, caps, mufflers, and so on kept me thinking for hours together. The problem was not of the space but of the treatment needed for preserving them intact for a quite longer span of 9 months and sometimes more than that in India. I worked out on it and arrived at the conclusions that work for the winter wears commonly used in India. And yes, we need to take care of it except for the clothing of kiddies.

The prime things you require to store Winter Clothing.

  • Plastic bins.
  • Wrap papers or Pieces of Cotton Clothes
  • A dry, least light place to put them
  • Hangers
  • Acid-free tissue papers

Now let us have a look at the steps to follow for keeping your delicate winter wears intact. Remember well, never put your winter wear in a plastic bags as it would damage your clothing badly.

  1. Separate the winter dresses or other winter wear requiring repairs:

The first step is to separate the dresses requiring some repairs like missing buttons or labels or some torn out areas where a simple or little patch up will extend the life expectancy of the clothing.

  1. Wash your delicates with care:

There will be the dresses, furs, jackets or sweaters that you need to separate for Machine Wash or Hand wash or Dry cleaning. You need to give the treatment accordingly. Mind well the washing treatment should be done carefully as the type of water may de-shape the clothing.

  1. Clothing that needs hanging:

Once you get your clothes back after washing, you have to take a great care of the wears for storing them as some of them need to be folded while some need to be kept hanging. Clothing like scarves, furs, leather jackets, and winter dresses etc. should be best to be kept hanging. Yes, it may require a special place in your wardrobe but it would be better to keep them there.

  1. Clothing that needs to be folded:

First of all, remove the delicate winter wears like the sweaters, jackets etc from the plastic garment bags and fold them properly. Then wrap them in acid-free tissue papers. Yes, they do need to be kept in dark, cool place as the environmental heat may cause harm to them.

  1. Managing the space:

It is an equally well important point as there may not be an equal place for storing your all clothing at the place. However, you can manage it well by making the provision of your spring and summer wear somewhere else. Moreover, you need to wrap the woollen a bit loosely in a cool place with lease direct light or sunlight otherwise, they are sure to get misshapen. After properly wrapping them up, you will be able to pile them up in little space.

One more thing we should follow in our life. See, when you are going to arrange your all the winter clothing, it may be possible that you may find some of them unfit to some of your family members. Don’t just throw them away. Instead, donate the clothing to the needy. You will earn blessings from them.

In a nutshell, you can preserve your winter clothing…

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