Less Is More!

The best way to express yourself is when the words are used less and expressed more. Best things in the world are felt. Sometimes comfortably shared silence brings people closer than the cluttered words. Sometimes black & blues gives more peace. Sometimes a blank wall is much prettier than the rainbows. Sometimes hummed songs without lyrics are sweeter than the original work. All of it said in the name of minimalism. A concept where very less is projected, rest is left to viewer’s imagination. Hence sometimes less is more. Do not confuse basics & minimal. A very fine line runs between them. Some of the handpicked minimal outfit for your inspiration.

1. Even though unable to find a better shot of the look, this I had to post and it had to be the very first. It is showcasing absolutely classy street style. Midi length skirt & a fenny bag, a leather belt wrist watch & white blouse, paired with navy slip-ons. For a day out paired with black wayfarers. Simple. Elegant. Classy. Gorgeous. The attraction here is wide bird print on the skirt. Absolutely justifying the dress for any given occasion. Brunch, lunch, get-togethers, vacation on the beach.


2. A very elegant Chanel signature silhouette dress. Two mock pockets, detailing of white cuffs & collar & to make the dress look rich, slub fabric as the main body. Paired up with plain black nylon stockings. Few accessories are added to adorn the look. However it is absolutely fine to go with or without it, it’s a matter of personal choice. I’d say nothing but a French manicure is enough for this extravaganza look.


3. Now for the people who wants to try things differently, a little bit on contemporise, needs to try such looks. A beret, an oversized shirt, pair of shorts, knee long socks & platform heels. Very simple very minimal, very subtle. It gives a feel of French home girl with a smidge of red cherry lips and blonde flicks.


4. Now, what does this above look say? Simple, boring, cliché? No. it says smart, modern, sorted. The detail of shirt is kept simple. The silhouette is boxy. The ice blue denim with distressed hem is speaking about the combination of cool & classy without showing off much. Slip-ons are tan and gorgeous. The best catch is a handbag, something extra. Something is balancing the whole look. Neutralizing, I believe I would like to own such beauty.


5. This one is for all the Galway Gal. simple olive shorts with mesh knit sleeveless blouse. A carry-on shoulder bag & I would personally recommend trading that chunky neckpiece with a wrist watch or a ring or two.


6. Again a very simple piece turned into a minimal fashion. Pairing up pastel Tutu skirt with a black bodysuit, peep toes and handbag with a ponytail is a classic example. There can be a variation to this, as per me the length of the skirt can go shorted, pairing up with cape sleeve shirt and ballerinas will give a ballet-inspired look.


Here are few more images to get 9inspired.



Monochrome with soft silhouette

Tailored co-ords for minimal work date.

Semi-formal events of daytime.

Victoria Beckham slaying the slight minimal work suit.

Nude-earthy minimal outfit for summer days.

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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