Linen – Soothing Trend

The world is growing bigger every day, we are 7 billion people in the whole world, & there is not always enough for everybody, to meet the needs synthetics were brought to life. Everything synthetic, food, drinks, fruits, vitamins and fabric. Agreed that nothing can be tuned into a synthesized product without the essence of nature, but the gist of it is lost somewhere. However, people one day sooner or later realize that it is harming them, that’s is how the whole synthetic embark has taken place with a trendy name of a Detox diet or skin detox.

In the diet you be the natural self of yours, cutting back sugar and processed food, eat organic food & drink water with natural minerals, so basically how my great grandmother lived her life. Surely she didn’t name it detox. But eating pure organic food straight from the farm & eating natural, unprocessed sugar or drinking water in a bronze glass for the infused minerals made her live for 100 years healthily. However, that is really not possible with the booming population & extremely fast city life. So the Detox may be the closest you can get to in the manner of living a fresh life. However has it ever occurred to you that while we eat lots of organic food for a week &apply lots detoxifying agents on the skin, our body needs the detox too. Many people have quit wearing polyester & other synthetics due to this. The feeling a natural fibre gives your body is uncanny to the synthetic ones.
Linen fabric has been around from years. In older times people used to wear the linen & cotton clothes only. However, with changing times, they were incompetent in the area of stretch & quick drying properties. However, it is making a solid comeback as the people have now much more options with fashion industries adapting more & more the concept of fast fashion, change is easy as never before. Here are some properties of Linen to educate you further.
• It is naturally breathable.
• The fabric has some cooling properties
• The processes of natural fabric are much more eco-friendly
• It is a current style statement

While we are talking about the fashion trend of linen, it comes in bright dye and wins the hearts such as the above one, a mustard yellow monotone jumpsuit.


A boxy peach dress with a midi length.


Dress & denim trend is here and might as well try to fuse it with linen if you need the subtle style essence of the same. A button down linen dress with or without the denim it is a must have linen, it can be tailored too. A very efficient way of clothing.


While tailoring a linen garment can be an affordable style you might want to have, many designer labels have put their trust in the linen too.


A plain white camisole in linen.


Long baggy dress paired with skinny boots to give a hip look.


The orange is the new black trend has not left anyone apart. A linen kaftan dress with white sneakers.


Linen baggy pants with suspenders yet another way to masculine fashion


Fashion infused linen pants to wear to the office and feel the comfort at max.

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