Love or Sex: which is better?

Some say I love being in “LOVE” but some say I just love “One night stand” !! Why there is a difference in thinking?

A mature mind would never prefer to compare the two as they are the two sides of a single coin named Life. We can say that love remains common whereas the media to express it keeps on changing. The subject has always remained too difficult to define or discuss simply because of its fathomless horizons to measure up. Yet it is easy enough to catch either of the two or both in the eyes of a person. For the years together, the two terms have been defined, redefined, filtered, and modified according to individual perceptions about nature gifted elements. Love is eternal feeling erupting out for no reason while sex is an instinct of every creature on this planet. So it would not be wise to run away from both of them. Nor would it be desirable to compare as both are individualistic elements. You can compare two things only when they are paradoxical or something with similar qualities but you cannot compare the two elements when they are complementary to one another.

See, the feeling for love or sex go hand in hand. Once you have realised the eternity of these elements, a vacuum is created which is nothing but a thought free state of mind. This energises one taste the spiritual peace. It would be impractical to say that Love is better than sex or Sex is better than love. Sex would be impossible to occur if there is no love. Sex is not possible without love. If it is there so, then it is a kind of a compulsion or a compromise. And this is not at all advisable for the health of life.

When you have attraction, it is most probably an impulse led or momentary nerve while love is a matter of feeling. You can feel love, you can be lost in love but you cannot exchange or pass it on to other nor can you describe the feeling of love in words. As soon as you try to describe your feelings for love and sex, the moment you are sure to keep the definition incomplete. It is like describing the flames of the sun which are easy in words and almost impossible to face practically. Moreover, it would be more difficult to separate and compare the two as no one knows where the love starts and where the urge of sex ends. Instead, we can say that sex ends with love.

Sex results in peace and love create a bond of loyalty between two partners. Adrenaline in the body goes uprising and leads you to crack any hard nut when you are in love. Love would never demand the physical presence of someone you love nor is there any reason for the love. Yes, you love someone for no reason. If you have got some reasons to love someone, then my friends, you need to introspect. You cannot love a person for his quality, look, position, fame, money, wealth, or anything that is material on this earth. You love someone simply for love and nothing else. And when someone attains this higher state in love, then and then only sex is possible.

So let me conclude humbly that Love and Sex are not comparable nor are they substitutes. They are complementary and one needs to blend these natural gifts naturally rather than artificially. Love spreads love and rewards you with innumerable attributes which we can summarise as under; as stated earlier, the two being individualistic, one has to seek his own path of thinking for them.

  • Love gives you serenity while Sex gives you peace.
  • Love teaches you to be human while sex teaches you to be calm.
  • Love brings loyalty and Sex strengthens it.
  • Love teaches you caring and Sex teaches you to stand by.
  • Love broadens your visions and approaches towards life and Sex concrete your perceptions.
  • Love leads to sex and Sex motivates you to love more.

So friends just love and prove the worth of this beautiful gift of nature. The complementary will happen with its complete serenity. Aaron Jones Womens Jersey

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