Magical Effects/Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the few oils /foods that contains huge health benefits for mostly all the parts of our body whether we apply it or eat it. It is a rich anti oxidant( RICH IN VIT C AND E ) and contains fatty acids which further helps in burning bacterial or fungul infections from the body. Coconut oil is not just a oil but really close to the womens heart as diamonds are. The reasons for this are as follows:

1. ANTI AGING – Coconut oil has anti aging properties, if applied regularly to the eye area or all over your face, it will surely help you in reducing the wrinkles and the saggy(weak, sink) skin.


2. HAIR CARE – WOW oil for hair care, apply twice a week and observe the effects of this oil within 15 days. In winters do apply warm coconut oil and massage it properly. In summers also massage properly with normal or cool coconut oil. It will surely cover all the protein loss of your hair. It also removes dandruff from your hair. You can also add lemon or else as per your need.


3. MOISTURIZES AND NOURISH SKIN– coconut oil is widely used in the making of moisturizers and soaps, so why not to use it directly on the body without any side effects. Especially in the winter season people are seen in the chaos of which moisturizer selection they should go for? So here is the answer of their problem, that is only and only coconut oil. Use it all over your body and you will say no to the artificial moisturizers because coconut oil will stay for more longer period and will make your skin more healthy and glowy.


4. TREATS BACTERIAL INFECTION– Coconut oil should be applied regularly if there is any kind of infection on your body or even on your child’s body. On bacterial infections it can be applied using camphor ( kapoor) along with it. Mix camphor and coconut oil in equal quantity and apply it on the infected area.


5. IMMUNITY BOOSTER– Coconut oil is a rich source of immunity booster. If you or your children need more immunity then start cooking your food in the coconut oil.


6. CONTAINS MCT’S(MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES) FATTY ACIDS– Coconut oil contains mct’s i.e fatty acids of medium length which will never make you obese and but make your body more healthier than before. So you can also have your meals cooked in coconut oil.


7. MASSAGE( NEW BORNS TO OLD AGE)– I massage my new born with coconut oil. Aren’t you? Switch on to my favourite coconut oil and make your child more stronger. Stop using other artificial cosmetics and go for any good brand coconut oil.


8. MAKE UP REMOVER– Do remove your makeup with none other than coconut oil. I always prefer this. Always mix little amount of water in coconut oil and rub it with cotton on all over your face.


Coconut oil is a beautiful god given serum which includes thousands of benefits. So guys do go for the home remedies for all your problems rather than firstly choosing other artificial methods.

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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