Make Your Maternity Photoshoot Memorable

The maternity photo shoots are a dream for expecting parents, and it aims to capture the true and rarest emotions of a couple. It’s a lifetime experience of the parents-to-be, as parenthood is one of the major milestones of life. Maternity photo shoot is not just the collection of pictures rather those significant moments to be cherished throughout life.

To make this journey more memorable, it is important to do your homework and decide upon the key factors which you don’t want to miss. There are few of the major things that the parents-to-be can choose before their photo shoot of course with the consent of their photographer.

Location of the shoot is the most important aspect of photography. Few people like to shoot in the indoor studio where they have painted walls behind or some artificial set up to give the visual effects and background. While few couples want to shoot in the outdoors such as near beach or in the park to add the glimpse of nature in their photos. Although it is a personal decision depending upon the comfort of the pregnant lady and her partner, from the pictures, it is seen that the outdoor photo shoots are simply breathtaking.

Second, most important things to decide is the dresses going to wear by the pregnant women and her partner. It is a good idea to have at least 3-4 pairs of clothes to add more colours and variety to your photo shoot. We have same colour coded dresses available for both men and women, which are remarkably apt for situations like this. The dresses are easily accessible online, and you can customise them as well according to your choice. Also, dresses with sweet little captions such as “New Mommy” look impressive on such occasions. It is also very important that the dress is comfortable for the mommy-to-be. Few women choose short dresses or maybe two pieces to show off their belly while a few pick a long gown to keep the exposure less. It is dependent on your taste, environment and your family wishes.

Clicking with your Partner/Family
It is very important to have pictures with your partner, the couple pictures look incredibly beautiful. Daddy-to-be holding belly or kissing belly looks simply adorable. If you are second time pregnant, then it is an excellent idea to have a family picture with the other child.

Playing with some props
We have also seen that there are different props such as flowers or big toys can be used during the photo shoot. They also add charm to your pictures.

Hairstyles & Accessories
It’s a good idea to have 2-3 hairstyles for the photo shoots. May be braided or half tie hairs, simple and easy hairstyles but they give a new impact. Similarly, play around with the jewellery such as neck pieces, earrings, wrist watch, tiara and other chunky accessories to add extra woo to the pictures.

Black & White Picture
Lastly, don’t forget to keep few black & white photos out of the whole lot as they are timeless. Whenever you turn the album, these pictures never fail to give an original touch.







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