Hey people! How are you? I hope you all are doing well. Late but not the least here I am with another blog. You guys have become a very special part of my life and I really love to share everything about fashion, beauty and lifestyle as I am very fond of these and hope you guys as well. It has been a long time I haven’t been anywhere as I was a little bit busy with my personal work. Finally, I got some spare time to hang out with my friends and my relaxation. Do you have a few good friends?? If not, then do make some really good friends because they are the real source of energy, happiness, laugh, keeping your secrets to themselves and always there when you have a hard time. Even they encourage you for good things and will make sure that you stay away from negative things but it all depends on the right choice of friends you make. So be choosy.

Let’s get back to the point, I am going to share my outfit of the day for which I got many compliments from my friends and family members yesterday. All those compliments really made my day more pleasant. I always try to make my outfit unique and good looking by doing some extra efforts. A good sense of fashion will make you different from the regular one. I can feel the difference as I am doing this for a very long time and believe me, you’ll feel the same, so try this once.

“Playing with fashion is my passion and when passion becomes your hobby then it can change your whole life.” Seriously I enjoy all of these fashionable stuff as they make me happy inside.

Yesterday, I wore red and white cut sleeves full-length dress on which a beautiful peacock and elephant pattern was crafted. That print on the dress was going very well and improving the overall uniqueness of the outfit. The dress was totally complete in itself but to add a little more to that dress or to make it more sassy, I wore a black net shrug over it and knotted it from front to give a unique touch up. I added a black ruffle sling bag along with and wore big hoops to give a classier look. My rose gold plated watch was adding so much elegance to my overall look and the last thing I did with this look was high ponytail which helps you to look smart. I wore black beautiful flats with this look as I want to make myself comfortable while having fun with my friends.

Sharing some pictures of that day below here-







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