Marking With Lipsticks

Lipsticks are an essential makeup accessory of every girl, women irrespective of the age group. Lipsticks complete the look adding glam to your personality and boosting your self-confidence. Lips are the most appealing feature of the face and using right gloss, stick for a perfect satin finish can make you look gorgeous.

Most of the girls will admit ‘Lipstick’ is their first and most loved cosmetic products. On a daily routine, whenever stepping out of the house, a basic moisturiser, eyeliner and a lipstick complete the major part of makeup routine thus, it is very important. Lipstick shades vary according to our mood and occasions. For instance, in daily routine/shopping work a light pink or natural gloss is best while for some formal meeting shades of brown and peach, and when attending some party, marriage bright & dark shades red and pink are the best.

The best and classic lipsticks can be classified into matte & glossy shades from top makeup brands. The irresistible style and long-lasting performance of matte lipstick are perfect for daily and especial occasions, and it complements well with the dress and enhances face makeup. Revlon, Lakme, Colorbar, L’Oreal, Maybelline and MAC are the top lipstick brands available in the market.

Today with the latest inventions in cosmetic industries we have a lot of lip products accessible in the market with different prices and finishes. Every girl finds her liking in some brand matching her taste and giving her what she wants to look like.

Classifying Lip shades

• We have Lip Gloss and lip balms which are suitable for daily use, keeping the lips moist and giving them a natural shine.
• Matte lipstick is perfect to give a velvet finish to the lips making you look flawless, Velvet rose from L’Oreal Paris is my personal favourite, it is apt for attending evening parties and big celebrations. It go well with eye makeup and hair do
• Lip stain is mostly water or gel, including plant & mineral oils

Simple Steps for the Perfect Lips

• Firstly soften and smooth lips by applying lip balm
• Use a lip liner of the same colour as your lipstick and mark the boundaries of the lips so that the lipstick doesn’t spread
• Apply lipstick in the direction from the centre to outwards. Towards the corner of lips. It is a nice idea to apply lipstick with the brush for the even texture
• Blot your lips with the tissue. This will help in removing extra lip colour if any, on the teeth or in the mouth
• Lastly (optional) you can use transparent gloss to make your lips shinier throughout





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