Masculine Style 101 – Suspenders

Hello all, so has it ever been so that you immediately feel like throwing away your chicky & lacy clothes and just wear a flannel shirt with a high waist denim & boots and giddy up to the highest horse? Well me too. It has nothing to do with anything else but the empowerment of self. Wearing manly clothes or boyish style has been around for centuries. There are few tasks for which ladies have been embracing & borrowing men’s style for quite a time. Sure they are beautified & personalized to emphasize the curves and shapes, but the gist of it remains same, as to dress up with masculinity. Suspenders is one of the add-on for such gather. There are variants to these suspenders which oscillate from a dead serious manly girl to a sexy DJ to a sweet feminine look. The key is your approach to the suspenders.

The first & foremost is the most basic yet very classic option, a button down shirt, plain or printed with high waist navy trousers paired with clip-on suspenders. A very British approach yet, very versatile from the daily formals you might be carrying to work, tie up a ponytail to broadcast the shoulders with these suspenders.


Above the same style of formal wear paired with suspenders to prevail the bossy look with a plain shirt, plain trouser rolled till ankle with heels and button down suspender are when you want to keep low-key under control.


A bit of gothic look, try on a monochromatic black and white look for the day with a high neck checkered blouse paired with black trouser & clip on suspenders it is sure to be worn in & out of the official to a casual look.


While the above 3 ones were more on the gender neutral to manly side of the dressing, you can have your cake & eat it too in the case of suspender enabled outfits, such as a plain white quilted t-shirt paired with baggy pants & suspenders is surely bringing the nerd girl sexy girl in the crowd.


Not sure if you want to wear a trouser with suspenders and get called an old orthodox school by someone, try the suspenders with shorts, it brings a summer vibe in the garment with very little. However it is, high waist shorts with a plain camisole can too bring much charm.


While we saw, that there is always a stretchy material being used as suspenders, above pic depicts, denim shorts with shell fabric suspenders only, the might be a bit not as easy to adjust, as it has to be done manually, they are great at look.


For all those who love to wear long jumpsuits but hates the struggle, a fusion of suspenders with soft, wide leg pants is bliss.


It provides a great comfort and hippy earthy look. Pair it with your white t-shirt & lots of hands accessories to maxim the look.


Also, suspenders are not only limited to pants, pairing with a skirt is a good substitute too. There are few DIY tutorials on the same. Also you can purchase suspenders of your choice easily online.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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