Maxi Skirt Over Mini Skirt

What does modesty mean in today’s world? No really, people have opened their minds towards the accepting individual’s choice and hem length they want to go with. I see people wearing unconventional clothes, unsuited for their gender or occasion or culture. But the world has been kind to the acceptance part. However on the other side, people are still marching with chanting slogans like “No means No”, “Sexual clothes don’t excuse sexual violence” and “Her dress is not an open invitation”. The world is still in the process of freeing women from her dressing sense and her chances of being a victim of sexual abuse.

The topic of this article suggests maxi over miniskirts, however, it hugely depends on you and what is your sensibility telling you. I have never been the kind of person who could wear anything above knees without getting conscious as to my upbringing in a small town filled with lots of people knowing my parents. The maxi skirts are perfect for such people who like me, wants to stand out from the crowd and yet have the modesty kept intact needs to realise that this trend is a goal.

There is always a sense of gratitude in wearing a long skirt, it gives away the feeling of royalty. The silhouette if it’s flared, it gives a lot of room for movements, and it brings a sense of grace. The depicted maxi skirt is one of a kind. A simple satin maxi skirt with bow detail at the waist is a perfect match up for a day out at a park or a meet with friends or a simple stroll with loved one. Pairing up with a casual blouse like one above will bring out the flavour of the garment. Off shoulder blouses are really trendy nowadays pairing them will be extra ordinary and casual.


While the first skirt shown here is pretty graceful, this one brings out the fun side of Maxis. A trailed maxi paired a boxy crop top, and a strappy belt is a fun, bubbly look. Many people feel shy at the beach or other outdoor outings where they require to wear open clothes. For such people, a spa day or a beach day out becomes a day where they would be conscious the most. Rather you can wear a skirt as above, perhaps a wraparound trail skirt for more style.


Overall prints are making its comeback from the 70s & 80s. In this era, however, much of a mix and match was cool which might be frowned upon now. A skirt as above paired with monochrome animal print would be the best fit for evening gatherings or a dinner party. Paired with Hula Hoops and strappy red heels or pencil heels would bring the elegance at your feet.


A wrap around maxi skirt paired with lemon yellow heels is fine, however rather than cluttering the torso, it is required to keep minimal. Also if the skirt is on a dark tone, keep the top part monochrome as co-ords are much in the trend.


This fall few of the designers also tried to pull out the maxi trend.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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