Stud earrings-

Stud earring is a small piece of jewellery. They look gorgeous and you can wear them anywhere because these are weightless having a small size.

Hoop earrings-

Hoop earring is the circular band of metal and can be of other material like plastic or iron and look very similar to a ring. These are very stylish to wear and are light weighted.

Drop earrings-

Drop earring is a small round or pearl-shaped portion (like a drop) which hangs below the whole earring.

Dangle earrings-

The word “dangle” means to hang and swing, so the dangle earring is an earring which hangs from the hole of the earlobe and has a movement.

Barbell earrings-

Barbell earring is a type of piercing jewellery, which is a combination of a straight bar and two beads on both the ends. In which one bead is fixed and the other one can be change or removable.


Huggie earrings-

Huggie earring is basically a small hoop that fits closely to your earlobes. There is a small straight lock between two halves of the hoop.

Ear Thread-

Ear thread earring is also known by the name ‘threader earring’. This earring is the combination of cable chain and small ring, stone or small pearl at one end. This earring is easy to wear and you do not need to lock them as it is complete in own self.

Ear Spikes-

Ear spike is another type of earring. These earrings can be worn by unisex (both male and female can wear them).

Chandelier Earrings-

Chandelier earring is a long dangling earring which consists of many tiers of stone, crystals, and beads. These earrings give you sophisticated look. It is a party type earrings.

Ear Cuffs-

Ear cuffs are the latest trend in fashion and everyone is going crazy over these earrings. These ear cuffs give you a stylish look and available in different shapes, themes, and designs in the market. Ear cuffs cover maximum part of your ear.

Bajoran Earrings-

These earrings are worn by both male and female Bajoran. But nowadays this earring has become a fashion for fashion divas.


Cluster Earrings-

Cluster earring is made of stones, beads, metal, and glass, and shaped the earring as a cluster. These earrings look sober and pretty.

French Clips-

French clip earring is another type of earring. These earrings are easy to wear and remove.

Screw Fastenings-

Screw fastenings earring is an earring in which we use a screw to lock the earring from the backside.



Butterfly Fastenings-

Butterfly fastenings earring is that earring in which we use butterfly shaped lock. You can manage these locks according to your need.


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