Flip Flops-

Flip flops are very light to wear and having less weight. There is a thong between the big and second toe.



Wedges heels come under one of the comfortable footwear. This footwear looks beautiful as well as comfortable. Because it has a flat base and it also gives you height without pain in your foot.


These type of footwear is one of my favorites. Lace-up footwear is I think the sexiest one and it has some thin laces which can lace your foot. This creation of laces around your legs makes you look glamorous. You can wear this footwear on the short dresses so that the real look can easily be praised.



Ballerinas footwear also is known by the name of Ballet flats, skimmers, dolly shoes and simple flats. This type of footwear has a closed toe and a low cut that reveals the top of the foot and also has a very thin base (flat heel).



These are another kind of footwear that has a little-pointed heel on the lower back side which is higher than the toe part of the footwear. We can also call it a pencil heeled footwear which is very common around the world.


Gladiator sandals-

Gladiator is an open-toed ‘T’ look sandals which have some straps running around the foot. This footwear is designed to resemble the ancient Roman gladiators footwear, which was worn by the Romans at that time.



Mule is a style of shoe that has no back around foot’s heel area. Initially, those were the bedroom slippers but with the passage of time mules changed in style and look. Nowadays mules are worn by people everywhere.



These kinds of shoes are lace-free and this style is very commonly seen in American culture known as loafers. This footwear is also called slip-ons.


Wellington Boots-

Wellington boots are one of the kinds of boots. Basically, these are the knee-length waterproof rubber or plastic boot which looks very smart when wear and can change the overall appearance of your basic look.



Court Shoes-

Court shoes are the shoes which contain a block heel on the back side. Block heels are much comfortable than normal heels because it has broader lower surface area than the pencil heel. These are very commonly worn by the people. I have seen the school going teachers wearing it the most.

Ankle Boots-

These types of boots have an ankle length height which makes them smarty. You can wear them with denim, shorts, skirts and any kind of one piece dress.


Canvas shoes-

Canvas shoes are made of a sturdy fabric material which is called canvas. This fabric material is very similar to the fabric used by painters to develop their paintings.



This shoe is a style of low heeled shoe or boot. It is characterized by multiple pieces of sturdy leather which make look fine. In this kind of shoes, edges of the multiple leather pieces are visible that makes them different among other shoes. These really give an awesome look on ankled length dresses.


Calf boots-

These shoes wear by people in winters or in the cooler season. These are knee-length shoes having a short heel.


Chelsea boots-

This types of boots are having elastic on a side which helps you to wear them comfortably without any effort.


Military Boots-

Military shoes are also known by the name Combat shoes. These shoes are basically designed for soldiers during combat training. So the origin of this look came from military but now stylist stole this look for a modern woman to give them divergent look.



These shoes are also known by the name sneakers, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, gym shoes, sports shoes and runners. This kind of shoes is specially designed for sports and any other physical exercise, but nowadays people are using them every day.


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