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I was pursuing my university education when I first watched the movie Devil Wears Prada, and I fell in love with the movie almost immediately, while few points on movie made me scrunch my nose at that time, I really enjoyed the portrayal of the dragon lady as Miranda Priestly behaves with all the grace and vicious comebacks and her smile & her way of walking, she was a real bad boss in the movie but even then I could not hate her as she did not notch when it came to her office wardrobe. Well, here we are going to talk about some office essentials which will upgrade your office wardrobe dramatically.

1. Striped shirt – so I’m roaming around in a nice store, and I want to buy a nice shirt which can be worn at the office and after office events too. And I stumbled upon a gorgeous white shirt with wide sky blue strip shirt, it can be paired with denim, with black trouser, with a skirt, with shorts and when you want a casual cool look, wear it with a white plain bodycon dress with comforters.



2. Turtleneck T-shirt – Turtleneck or mock neck t-shirt are very trendy nowadays with this you can wear a pencil skirt or a nice trouser and a blazer. It will surely give an elite look with comfort. Although make sure you choose proper fit as it can look sluggish with ill fitted turtle neck top.


3. Bodysuits – if you visit Forever 21 store you will see 100s of designs of Bodysuits. They are a great fit for tucked in clothes, now bodysuits are mostly plain and fitted, so you have to carry them smartly with wide-legged pants or a coat or simply make it a co-ords.


4. Co-ords While we talked about co-ords in bodysuit section, you can carry a nice pair of formal or semi-formal co-ords to work, if it is a plain co-ords or printed, just make sure colours are sober enough for your office environment.


5. Satin shirt- Satin shirts are available in many variants, you can buy some nice rich, deep colours and pair them with pencil skirts or tailored fit trousers. When you start working in a corporate, any day can be the day when all the important people decides to come and visit all at once. Always keep an extra shirt or a top at the office for emergency situations.



6. Dresses – now this is a critical part of your office wardrobe, wearing dresses which are a great fit & decent enough are hard to find, make sure the fit is good but not too tight to reveal your curves, it has soothing sober colours and is not too short in length or too long like a gown.


7. Blazer dress – if there are some meetings with the board or some special event at your office premises, blazer dress is a perfect attire. You can carry a nice formal look just in one dress. A blazer dress, however, needs to be formal. Perhaps a striped pin tuck black blazer dress will be ideal.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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