Perfect Outfit From Day To Night – Transforming Your Day Look For A Fun Night Out!!

There have been heck of days where you finish your corporate meeting at 7.30 and have to attend a Galway night with your BFF because you can

For such times you wouldn’t want to look out of space in formals, and you wouldn’t want to wear a shimmery dress to your meeting too. Well, we have few tips for such situation. These tiny tips can give you a drastic makeover.

1. Duel wear – this includes wearing clothes in a way that can justify both. Wear a pencil skirt with a satin cami or lacy corset and put on a blazer over it. Remove the blazer or fold your sleeves till ¾ length, open the buttons and tuck in the blazer, put on a waist belt. Choose dark shades for cami and few touch ups will give you a glam look from the formal look.


2. Reversible garments – Reversible garments are the best you get two garments while buying only one. There are lots of brands going at it creatively. Just pick one suitable for you. Dresses with detached parts can be in this category too. Investing in such would be smart shopping.


3. Accessorise – Adding on few accessories can transform your look from Day to Night. Body chains, Long Earrings, Belly chains are to name few.


4. Makeup – By putting on right makeup, you can ramp up the evening, Wear a plain t-shirt & denim, Just carry a bright lipstick & Kohl with you, Put on fresh makeup will give you instant brightness.


5. Duel dresses – There is a wide collection available on many online shopping portals with day & Night section. These are mostly semi casuals or fusion wear. Some materials like satin, laces are used for both delicacy and royalty of the garment.


6. Color play – Royal Blue, Purple, Rusty Orange, Maroon, Brown, and Red these colors are widely accepted in both formals &party wear. For day & night. Pulling of garments in such colors will take care o the rest.


7. Denim – Denim should be your Best friends, Wear a skinny black denim with a white shirt to the office, and at the time of party wear a shiny sequenced top or a crop top with long sleeves and a belly chain.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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