Pixie Hair Cut Trend

So I was walking out of a departmental store with two big stuffed bags to be put in my car, and just next to the store I noticed a lady in her mid-50’s wearing a crisp white sari and like most of the lady of her age her hair were neither silver grey nor they were long. She had a pretty nice pixie cut. And the other day I went to saloon to get my own hair fixed I saw a mom of 10-year-old boy with a rather nice short pixie cut. The saloon guy to fill the void, told me how she had longer hair than I did but decided to chop them off to revamp her look. It is indeed endearing to get a haircut which can put you in the whole new light, however often young working girls tend to keep their hair short shoulder length, trying pixie is a big No No for us. Many of the celebrities have adapted the look and they seem to empower their personality just with the short hair. Have a look at these pixie cut pros.

With her portrayal of a millennial suffering from cancer and meeting the love of her life in the support group, a heart wrenchingly beautiful story of young lovers, Shailene Woodley broke millions of heart. She has played a role with much sweetness we all agree, however with her physique and different appearance than the usual Hollywood eye candies, she is rocking the pixie cut post the movie.


Kaley Cuoco, the Disney actress has always been this sweet and pretty blonde her entire life, with her role in Disney series and her well-known portrayal of Penny in the big nag theory, she is this amazingly chic person. With her long locks chopped down, she has raised the bar.


Well who doesn’t know Jennifer Lawrence? Her amazing portrayal in the hunger games series and in the X men and in the Oscar winning performance in the silver linings playbook, she has proved that she is here and she is going to be here for longer. She has had her brunette hair chopped off to pixie cut just to show what a mesmerizing jawline she has. A never ageing beauty knows her styling we must say.


With her performance in love & the other drugs which left us emotionally paralyzed, or her portrayal in chick flicks or a badass Salina Kyle, Anne Hathway has always been the beautiful princess from princess diaries. However for me, being her biggest fan in the world, it was a shock when she chopped her amazing brown hair. But never have I ever seen anyone revamping their personality from a gorgeous chock to a powerful diva.


We all have been obsessed over Emma Watson’s portrayal in Harry Potter series as Hermione. She was this nerd kid, always supporting Harry through thick and thin, and up until the movie ended she had these ginger/blonde hair with curls as per her roles demand, with the movie ending, she took the charge of her look & life at the same time, more than her roles, her take on feminism, world problems & ability to be the leader she has proved who runs the world.


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