Pretty In Pink

PINK. Is it a color, is it an obsession, an escape from reality, therapy? If you answered yes to all the four, my friend you just like me and many out there in the world, are a true lover of PINK. Since the birth we are discriminated, ladies like pink and boys well they don’t have a preference yet are mostly stuck with blues and greys. However, it is a very wrong prediction. Many girls hate pink, and many boys love pink. However, the intensity of this color can not be measured. This is a therapy for those out there whose mood lifts just by looking at pink. To all of the pretty in pink.

Adidas, this 100-year-old company still has got the tightest grip top the heart of teenagers and athletes, and the key is knowing their customer base. The Adidas Superstars are the most talked about shoe trend as of now. And they are available in pink? It’s like a dream come true.


The pair of flamingo, one pair together forever, lives together and dies together. An eternal love. And they are pink furred. A beautiful flamingo print on a white background skirt.


There hundreds and thousands of shades of each color and I fail to understand how pink can be diverse and gorgeous in each shade? If you are not a fan of diehard baby pink, this one is for you. It is feminine and soothing. Classy and pretty in pink. Pair with anything black or tan.


Back to the hardcore pink. A faux fur wrap on a bodycon dress, it cannot get any prettier than this, and the best part is no matter what body tone you have, you will never feel dull in such pinks. A real feeling of Swan.


An example of the life of a Barbie. All and everything pink yet strong and stern as a rock. Orchid pink slit dress in satin paired with a sheer appliqued shrug. Paired with stilettoes and a blond bob hair. It really screams the early 00’s era in very good way possible.

Another example of everything pink but in a mellow pink which is more on the tone of mauve. Satin pants paired with knitted material a complete mismatch.


Pretty in pink is not limited to clothing only. It is a symbol of feminism. It is a color of women, but it is also a color of sophistication. A flat silhouette dresses all pink with detailing. Backed up with a classic quilted sling bag of Chanel.


To give another example of pink’s soberness & sophistication, a shirt dress, compiled with a white applique& white pearl buttons. Charcoal grey flat ballerina. A 50s housewife look perfected with wavy bobs.


Probably after pulp fiction & hippie culture with all the vibrant colors and rise of pop culture, pink hair dye should have been the most natural thing to do. It is however currently going trend with many celebrities going with a pink or rose gold dye.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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