As the title of the blog is indicating the meaning of my words. If you are still not getting my point of view then let me put this in a nutshell. Guys, never set your mind only for regular fashion trends rather sometimes we should be thinking like an exotic. What you need is only to explore yourself and your fashion skills. Come out from your matching dress zone; make your own sense and be your own fashion model. It is all about breaking the rules that you so commonly follow when you get dressed in the morning.

Now, we all are tired of wearing matching dresses and want something new to look out of the crowd. I am not telling to look odd one out but yes your look should make sense. Always remember that the attire must not be too gaudy as the colors also play an immense role in your personality. Pick some trendy color of the season and pour your fashion skills into your attire.

“Your dressing sense speaks about your personality, it shows how creative you are!” Tell people through your dress that how amazing you are without saying a single word.

In this blog, we’ll talk about prints on prints. What does that mean??  We always avoid wearing two different printed clothes together just because of our mindset that it will go wrong and unpleasant. Eliminate this thought from your mind completely and try some prints on prints once and be the one who doesn’t follow the crowd rather crowd does follow you.

Fashion is not that tough to understand as it looks. It is the result of your incredible sense and divergent thoughts. There are so many prints available in the market but the trouble is how to play this game. This is not necessary that you have to be a master about prints but yes should have a little bit knowledge. Believe me, there is not any rocket science; here are some tips to make you understand that how to play with prints and what types of prints we are talking about.

  • Horizontal stripes print over floral print: Wear any horizontal stripes print t-shirt over any floral print skirt. It looks amazing and will give you a fresh look.


  • Chevron over Damask print: Chevron is a type of print and you can pair this print with another print that is called damask print as shown in the image.


  • Big square grid print over Plaid print: When these both prints come together they will give you breathtaking output and good vibe.


  • Polka dots with floral print: It becomes an amazing combination when polka dots print and the floral print comes together. Create magic with these two and be fashionista among your friends and beat the heat with this lovely combination.


  • Angeline Dowling with Thrifted geo print: Beautiful prints when wearing beautifully than the outcome becomes perplexing. So wear both of them together and be the stunner of your own heart.


I hope you love the blog content. We are continuously taking efforts to make you aware about more things. If you have any query about fashion, beauty, lifestyle then do comment us in the comment box, we would like to connect with you and will try to help you as much as we can.

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