Rings More Than An Accessory

Rings is the most favourite and loved jewel of all the women. We wear ring in numbers from the minimum one to may be six or seven and still find it less. As per the prevailing trend, a boy proposes a girl with a Ring, and therefore ring is not just a mere ornament, but it symbolises purity and becomes a treasure of fortune and good luck. Rings are the perfect gifts for a female friend, partner, mother, sister as it is sure to touch her emotions.

Whether a gold, silver, steel or vintage style women just love to have a collection of rings. Rings accentuate the beauty of fingers by many times and look stunning on the hand.

Adding some more sparkle to your attire by pairing up with a fashionable ring is the right thing to do. Changing rings according to the occasion, the dress is the latest trend that we all are doing. A wide collection of rings will add a new dimension to your wardrobe. There are small rings made up of gold with a simple design which you can wear daily, and it will not get affected by your daily activities and under water and the sun. While the party rings made up of different metals are to be worn with care. Big rings with a stone colour coded with your dress are the latest fashion accessories trending these days.

The ring also predicts your personality and boldness, so it is wise to spend some time while choosing the right ring for yourself.  Few of the popular categories are:

  • Classic Rings – Made up of diamonds, gold and small gemstones. Mostly flower shaped design and as the name are the classic
  • Gemstone /Birthstone Rings – Rings with the stone according to your horoscope
  • Fashionable Rings – made up of some metal, abstract design, featuring any traditional or modern motifs
  • Anniversary Band – like the name, it is typically for married women where diamonds or gemstones are of set dimensions and forms a band. The band has a uniform shape. Platinum Band are quite in fashion these days
  • Antique Ring – Old ring may be more than 100 years
  • Cocktail Ring – Ring has an intricate design, bigger in size. It is made up from the collection of different small stones or diamonds giving a luxurious look. It looks incredibly beautiful on the finger.
  • Solitaire Ring- A ring with a single piece diamond. Most famous ring among the Bollywood stars and it is also one of the status symbols

Swarovski Ring – It is a collection from simple, classic bands to bold, colourful creations with some precision cut and design.








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