Festival made for the loving bond of a husband and his wife and celebrated around all the corners of India is, of course, the festival of Karva Chauth. Karvachauth is celebrated with loads of enthusiasm and pre- preparations by the Indian women. The pre preparations include- bringing gifts for the mother in law, decorating the thali, mindset about the dress she is going to wear, decorating the hands with Mehendi and she can also choose the parlor to get ready for this day. On this auspicious day, women fast for good health and well being of their husbands and further pray for the longevity of their husbands. Women remain thirsty all day and so it is believed that their love is eternal and the bond is even made stronger.

Do you know what rituals are associated with this festival? If no, then in this blog you will get all your answers. Scroll down to read all rituals that are related to this beautiful festival.

1. Sargi-  Sargi is basically a kind of shagun which get by newly married and bride-to-be by their in-laws and specially prepared by her mother-in-law. The sargi includes some earthen pots that contain food inside to be eaten in the morning, before starting the fast. As this will give strength to the women who are going to keep fast for the whole day. Food includes- fruits, mathri, sweets, and dry fruits etc.

 2. Baya- Baya is a gift which is given to the daughter-in-law by her mother-in-law in the appreciation as she is fasting for her son for his longevity. Baya includes money, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, sindoor, and sweets. After receiving the baya, the women get ready in bright colors and she also applies Mehendi on her hands and feet as Mehendi is the symbol of an Indian culture for married women especially.

 3. The Puja- In evening, all the women get together at someone’s house where the puja is supposed to be held. Women decorate puja area with flowers, kharia mitti, and the statue of Maa Parvati. A few hours before moon rises, the traditional story of Karva Chauth is narrated to all the married women. After the narration of this story, a prayer is said for the purpose of the husband’s welfare and for marital bliss and harmony. Lastly, the women pass their thalis around in a circle or feris, as they chant their holy hymn.


 4. Breaking of the fast- After the moon rises in the sky, it means this is the right time to break the fast. Women prepare a thali with a Diya, a mud pot(i.e karwa) for water, a sieve, and some sweet or food and then women go up to the stairs or choose the place where she can easily see the moon in the sky.

First of all, she views the moon through the sieve and then offers some water to the moon through mud pot. After all this, she views towards her husband through the same sieve, with this a prayer is said for her husband’s long life and then-husband breaks his wife’s fast by feeding her some food or by making her drink a sip of water.

In the end, all these things are followed by some delicious meal and sometimes husbands give their wives gifts too. This festival is very loving for the couple and increases the love bond between them.


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