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All the casual clothes that we wear, see and admire are surely great and makes you look coolest or prettiest or perfect for the occasion but there is something obscenely charming about formals, whenever I’m watching some movie where the lead guy is a corporate hot-shot and rolls his sleeve or a lady who is a dragon lady in corporate and rules the pencil skirt I immediately feel biased towards the formal wear. However, there are very few organisations where a proper dress code for work is followed since work culture depends on the work not on what you wear. However, if you have a love for formals too, Satin shirt is the answer for the perfect formal wear. The satin shirt is suitable for all the body type, it gives a rich and structured look to the whole attire. However, satin is not only limited to shirts, a Satin dress on the other hand can give you a sexy breezy feel. Here we have picked out few articles of Satin to make your next shopping decision much easier.

Satin fabric has one advantage, since it has a glossy structure, the creases create a 3D look which gives a volume to the garment, it emphasizes on the heaviness of the garment even though satin is considered light weight fabric. For soft pastel color satin is a bliss, like the above one beige is creating a great effect with the creases.


Different from the casual shirt paired with denim which was giving a look of cool laid back chill vibes, it is more on a materialistic note, of course on a positive note, a nice sophisticated look with a soft pastel satin dress is a travel must for the luxury feel & great pictures too.


The most classic way to pair up a satin is with a satin blouse and a pencil skirt, just like me all of you must have seen it in the movies or in the series, attractive lady of the office wearing a foam flattering satin shirt in monochrome with a pencil skirt. Pair it with a pair of stockings to avoid discomfort of wearing the skirt. If you are absolutely uncomfortable wearing a skirt at work or work related spaces, try it with a black matte finished trousers. It will uplift your work wardrobe.


With the rainy season rolling down in a full speed, I feel extra romantic towards the evening and keep on arranging a scenario where there is a candle light dinner, there is wine and a gorgeous dress to compliment all. A satin maxi dress is perfect for such setup, emerald green or light charcoal grey satin dress in maxi length is a treat for you.


One of the highest grossing trends of the year is athleisure. All the sports brands saw an opportunity and just went with it. A satin pink co-ords is something really trendy that too paired with satin material. It sure is a lush life.


A satin rob has been earlier used as a bathroom accessory which has taken a place as a fashion must in the world. Paired with denim and a knit tank.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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