Shirt dress Dos & Don’ts

The world of fashion and fashion enthusiast like you and me, we all have our signature style, and the internet has made it really seamless to outbreak any new trend any day every day. While some trends goes to live up for seasons to the season and even years to years some trends fade away as quickly as they come. There are many reasons behind, sometimes they are not enough sometimes they are too much. However, if you know what to do & what not to do while dressing up. You can rock any look you go for. Such tricky trend is a shirt dress. It can be very trendy and make you look like a diva, or it can make you look like a homeless retard. So here are few tips divided in dos & don’ts for such.
Let’s first go with dos for shirt dresses

This one is a perfect example of how to dress up into a shirt dress. A plain white shirt dress paired with black comforters and a black sling bag. A very simple & basic monochrome with a slit shirt dress.


If you are worried about the long length of above and plain white colour, this one is for you. A striped shirt dress with knee length hem & fitted at the waist to give some dimension it is a great example of a shirt dress.


This one also falls into the category of shirt dress, believe it or not, shirt dress has been around for longer than we realise. A long, flared shirt dress, with a wait belt. Can be buttoned and unbuttoned for the desired length of the trail.


With the whole dress and denim concept going on, it is time to pair up a classy combo like above, a full-length shirt dress printed with abstract paired with a black denim. It is a must have for a shirt dress.


Lately, Forever 21 has launched a whole new line for linen striped shirt, and it does include a shirt dress. It is at the moment most cherished trend for a shirt dress. Also, it includes a line of deconstructed shirts. However, the fabric is white backing with sky or black stripes. With a big leather belt and boots, it is also a very casual and comfortable option in shirt dresses.


Now what needs to be taken care of while opting for shirt dresses here are few tips on what to avoid.

Shirt dresses are basically elongated shirts and any shirts fall going to be straight only, so if you do not add an extra dimension or fit to it, it will look like you are wearing just a shirt.


If you are planning an outing wearing a shirt dress, a whiff of wind can create an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. To avoid this choose a dress which fits appropriately and the cuts are fitting with your body length.


If you are not willing to add any belt or another garment to your shirt dress, it can look pretty flat. Always add an article in a way or two to avoid, especially your body type is slander.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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