Shorts For The Summer

The summer heat is making the temperature go up & above constantly in such hot, brooding summer, wearing full clothes seems like a bullet dodged on the brain. However wearing a short dress is fun & classy but it is often uncomfortable when it comes to light activities on the job. Dresses make you look pretty, but they are bit impractical when you are on the rail. I have been a fan of pretty looking shorts since I was a little kid. Wearing denim shorts with a red T-shirt was my way of being a Californian girl. Today we will talk about various shorts & the best one to wear this summer.

1. Dolphin shorts – Dolphin shorts are the perfect summer wear. The dolphin shorts style has been around for a long time however it has escalated this year particularly. With the rise of thick thighs and hourglass shape as a trend has made it really popular. I particularly reached out for these shorts when Veronica from Riverdale wore it as a practice uniform of a cheerleader. There are so many variants of material & colours and prints are available. It will be counted as an athlesure only.


2. Polyester shorts – as of now they are not a trend. However when I was at a Xerox sop, I saw a college girl wearing polyester shorts which were men’s shorts, and she was carrying them as if it were tailored just for her. Fine shorts with athletic colours and mesh panel for breathability are ideal for evening errands. However, these kind of shorts are frowned upon if you are going for a little bit of up scaled outdoors.


3. If you were to visit a beach but are too shy to wear a bikini, because to be honest, it can get pretty hasty. So rather you can wear a nice crop cami and denim shorts. It would be similar to the movie Aisha’s scene where Sonam is wearing a kickass yellow bathing suit paired with nice boyfriend jeans. You can wear sarong too, but it might get wet or stick to the body while in denim, some unwanted body expose can be controlled. Wearing denim shorts this way is surely trendy too.


4. Denim shorts are in a huge wide range available and many brands are offering wide collection of it, however rather than buying ill fit shorts, opt for the ones that are fitting from waist & thighs both. Also the length of shorts matters the most, I’m a tall lanky girl, which means, and the shorts that fit me from waist are too short that it shows the hint of my butt.To avoid such problems rather than hot pants, I opt for little longer shorts and then fold it at the hem.

5. Lace shorts – these are my most favourite type of shorts, it gives sense of grace & looks great with all sort of tops. It gives a feminine look while being comfortable, also in addition to this, velvet shorts are making its way back and they are comfortable and stylish too.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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