Sinful Camisoles

A few days ago I was watching an old Hollywood movie, and my favorite lady who can beat any of these new Botox filled actresses any day with her grace. Anyway, I was watching her attires especially, and I immediately fell in love with silk or satin camisoles show was wearing underneath her dress. Now it was a movie from the 70s when the ladies yet wore graceful clothes on screen. I am not opposing or favoring any of the styles however the grace was kept intact. SO this actually made me realize how from an intimate wear to a basic wear these camisoles have become. There are many many styles of camisole coming in the market every day & we can pick any or many from it.

Y neckline was a big hit back in 00’s it was a style statement due to the cut & look it gave to dresses. However putting it in a camisole brings a whole new light. A red plain Camisole with plain straps with denim or a black pencil skirts will complete the basic look.


For all those times, you need to wear a camisole but are uncomfortable to show your entire arms, wear a lacy camisole like the above one & wear a shrug or a loose baggy sweater over it.


Most of the camisoles are sold with the basic fabric and craftsmanship in it. They are the cheapest in a store. However, sometimes, the designer takes the extra effort to create something like above. A satin camisole, with prints and lace paired with a long pale pink long coat with a ripped boyfriend denim.


The very famous model Gigi Hadid always has the distinctive style and is showing one of the same here, although the trend bra over shirt may seem a bit too much to some, it is a really refreshing concept of camisole over a white plain t-shirt. It is a playful& cool way to wear the camisoles.


Another one of my favorite fashionista is Kendall Jenner wore a nightie blouse, a shining yellow Gucci camisole to the Jimmy Fellon’s talk show. A white laced camisole paired with a black high waist denim skirt is a surprisingly low-key outfit to adapt.


The beauty of camisoles is that they are not reveling, keeping things on a mysterious note yet creating a very feminine & graceful attire. A black lacey camisole with a high waist midi length trailed denim skirt & sliders.


While satin and silk camisoles are great at providing a feminine look, due to less stretchability, they are always a bit baggy or foam flatter. To the aid of that, knitted stretchy camisoles are there. They are body hugging so that you can flaunt that curves.


With tucking in the camisoles are great to create the feminine look, tucking out brings a strong look immediately, the same worn by Angelina Jolie a plain black satin cami with a grey pencil skirt.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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