Spring 2017 Trends

All fashion house runs 1-2 seasons ahead of their time, Inspirations and themes are decided way earlier than they enter the market. These trends are broadcasted in the form of fashion shows, and all the designers present their idea for the season. It’s a well sought after process I must say. So today we are presenting some of the fresh ideas of the season. This may seem unconventional, but some of the street styles have very refreshing concept which I completely adore.

1.Bright abstract prints: These prints are making a serious comeback. In early 21st century, bright pops were in trend which were then overshadowed by the monochromes for a while and soft pestles, classy, elegant soft pleated feminine garments.

2.Nautical & ropes: Nautical & ropes, now it sounds infusible combo, but it is related to dockyard, it’s a powerful, simple dressing that can give a soothing, simple look on a hot summer day. Pairing a white wide striped t-shirt with soft pleated pants, moccasins, a leather belt watch and shades. Ropes in garment will give a wild & funky look.

3.Free-style flare: Flared garments combined with street style is surely a yes this season. Bright colors paired with some flare is rocking in both men and women’s section. Fit & flare is the original concept here. In the year of 2015-16 fit & flare were very popular amongst fast fashion chain, however influence of Hip has shifted it to only flared garment. Some of the India-based designers are providing their expertise in such silhouettes.

4. Hats: I, of all people is most embarrassed about putting on a hat. Now notice I say hat not a cap. Caps gives you this cool, impish look. You can pull them with any basic t-shirt & denim. Anyway we were basically talking about hats, while strolling in some store, I came across some sun hats and just for adventures sake, and I tried them on. To much of my amusement it actually complimented my then worn royal blue cut out top and white short pants. Mainer types of hats are available in many styles. Putting on one will surely give you a classy lift.

5. Oversized silhouettes: the famous oversized silhouettes are making a major comeback being even more powerful & dramatic. From putting extra padding over the shoulders in jacket to puffy sleeves with brooches across the shoulder & tight spandex with shimmery texture.

6. Deconstructed garments: over the end of these year, market was flooded with deconstructed shirts. The concept is tweaked patterns with basic striped cotton fabric, with this, powerful garments were introduced. Mostly off shoulders and baggy shirts are in fashion this season. It is more of 2016’s trend later followed this year with concept of rearrangement.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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