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The razzle and dazzle of any garment lies in the one main focal point. If a whole garment is plain with nothing on it but a tiny brooch, the focal point will be that, if the garment is full with multiple emphasising points, the garment will have more than one focal point. But what if the garment is asymmetrical? What if the focal point of the garment is distributed in the entire garment? Now it sounds like some big notch tedious designer job, but the answer is much simpler. How about stripes? They are the trend of this year, and we have some amazing articles to showcase on this.

This dress, this attire, and this whole look actually looks very laid back and casual, no drama, nothing big celeb or flaunting curvatures or extra flesh show. Yet it managed to pull off the most popular trend of the year along with stripes. That is off shoulder, linen, striped dresses and French milkmaid’s braids. Now, this is a fairly simple dress to put on, on vacation or now on a day short trip. Pair it with your white sneakers and sneak out to have all the fun while being stylish and comfortable.


While the horizontal and vertical stripes are timeless classics, the zigzags are hip and cool. A monochrome bathing suit, with again the currently blooming off shoulder look. The important part is how the stripes are taking away the attention from the bottom black part. While we all struggle to have a perfect summer body, such dresses with illusion can make your days easier to the beach. Many ladies are shy about their upper body part too, which this sort of bathing suit is taking care of as the draped part is covering the most of it.

The co – rods trends has been in demand since last year and a half or more so. Pairing a striped co-ords can be serious goals for any day out activities. Although it is well advised to avoid it in a night event as it can often be mistaken as a PJ suit and which might be a smidge enough to spoil the look. This look can be perfected out with a black casual blazer as it is a bit too much skin revelation which might be uncomfortable given the task and situation of a day’s event.

This is a very clever design of a sarong. Stripes are there to add some curves. A beach day cannot be completed without such a nice accessory.


While all over stripes is all that I have showcased, pairing stripes with a solid color is a perfect outfit option. A white crop top paired with trailed trouser. It is really bringing the fun in sun vibe.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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