Stunning Priyanka Chopra with Blue Fendi Skirt – The Late Night Show

Creating a public appearance, walking the red carpet or slogging it in casual, Priyanka Chopra knows how to slay in dresses that are stunning each time she steps out.

The performer, who’s doing her stint in Baywatch and waves in the West with her Television show Quantico, was recently seen with Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Late Night Show.’

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What began with a game out of clay become a pleasure event of throwing colors on each other. From drinking thandai to playing with colors, the Femina made merry with the show host and enjoyed Holi as an episode.


But, that is not all, Chopra remains in focus for the dress she picked for the show. #Dress was awesome.

Flirting with the trend in a mini skirt, she donned a Fendi apparel ideal for the 2017 summer springtime range. She aligned accessories and her clothing and looked the same as a bundle of pleasure in blue!


The 34-year-old wore a mini skirt and a navy sheer organza blouse on the show. Chopra wore a matching blue pump with the dress. Cristina Ehrlich gave her a somewhat heavy kohled look and styled the performer in a Samurai topknot.
The leggy lass seemed fair, and we think this look is excellent for the summers.

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