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There are many fashion trends that are going on currently. Crop tops, denim, denim crop tops, shirts, dresses and shirt dresses. These are a few to name. It is always a huge task for me to enter any store, outlet or an online store and jump up and just pick out one or two good outfits, we all struggle through the aisles and aisles or piles and piles or 10 minimum webpages to find out clothes which make a cut to taken in the trial room, real or virtual. No matter tiring this is, this is the usual deal everyone goes through. The world has been pacing at a lightning speed in providing 100s & 100s option for everything. However, if you wish to cut to the chase and just go with what is currently hot shot in the market, here are 10 styles which can be picked from the market and make your shopping easier instantly.

There are few styles which get to live on for years in and out. One of them is this, suede maroon button down skirt being the center of attraction of the attire. A black mock neck cami and a faux leather jacket. Paired with a faux leather boots. Easy to pull off with most of the basics in your wardrobe.


While the short dresses are ruling this season, a tweaked version of T-shirt dresses has been in style since the late 90’s. However, if you feel that it has always seemed a little incomplete, here is the tip. Wear stringy heels or strappy knee long gladiators. This will be a smart investment as it can be worn either way. Wear it with a distressed denim and the gladiators or wear it as a dress with a linen plaid shirt tied around the waist. As for the more intense gothic look, pair it with a choker around the neck.


I have always had my reservations with knits as such this one. I always thought why would some brands invested their entire collections in such material, it seemed boring and basic to me. However, in a desperate need of a body hugging white t-shirt, I tried one of these, and I cannot stop obsessing over it. Pair a basic knit top like this with a corduroy dungaree with trainers or strappy sandals to take the most out of it.


Another one with a mini skirt. It is a fairly basic look, a knit off shoulder black solid blouse, paired with faux leather. The main attraction I the soft medium tan tone of the leather. The blouse depicted here is a crop top. However, a tucked in body-hugging knit blouse will make it much more elegant.


Bodycon dress with horizontal straps texture paired with a midweight deep blue dyed denim shirt-jacket. Paired with tan suede boots it will bring the charm of dramatics in your attire.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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