Sweat Out In Style

Off lately the world has changed in a manner of fashion & comfort. We all remember watching Titanic and gulping the horror where the maidens are tightening the corset for Kate. I have heard morbid stories about Victorian era where ladies would remove their limbs surgically to stay in shape for their dresses with huge metal cage inside it. Oh, such pain. But fast forwarding into today, embracing the curves you have has been kinder, body suits, shape concealer and of course gyms and nutritional diets have made a huge impact on our life.


Now when I was young, I was into sports and basically in school being a lanky young girl I was never able to find right clothes for my athletics and not to mention running from change room to practice then again to change room and to classes. Long story short I was uncomfortable wearing my gym clothes to anywhere but to gym. And thinking about it made me realize that till 2011-12 mostly you would find blacks and greys and some awkwardly bright pinks in workout wear. But if you see now many brands have launched workout wear in a wide range. It has a name too. “Athleisure” It is more of fusion to me. Before you would not think of stepping out for a lunch in your sluggish gym leggings but such creatively crafted gym wear is available which will give you a makeover of casual comfy athlete. Let’s say putting up a nice Tank top, a bright colored sports bra, a pair of printed leggings, your workout shoes & a bomber jacket will complete a gym look.

There are few other assets too, braiding your hair, with a pullover and a pair of tracks will give you style and comfort to roam around for your errands but you can always go to the gym right after that, no need to carry extra clothes or have an excuse for not working out or having waste time in changing and tossing. As long it is not making you feel uncomfortable, these clothes shall make you feel fabulous and cool.

Along with this, there are certain other things to keep in mind. These are your workout clothes, and they need to have some characteristics to make you comfortable too. An earlier market was flooded with cotton-based garments for gyming, they would soak the sweat as being a hydrophilic, and might give you the odor. Try to opt for polyester & Lycra based garments as they are quick dry and widely available with odor repellent finish. Moreover, there are few garments available with an anti-microbial finish. It basically keeps the bacteria from forming in while the garments are used for heavy exercises such as hiking and trekking. In such exercises, there is lots of body heat transmission which can lead to perspiration for a longer duration of time while disabling possibilities of cleansing of your active wears. Other benefit is they will stick to your body, allowing you to move freely whilst engaged in activities.

Indian climate is mostly hot and wearing lots of layers might create breathability issues, although mostly it is mention on the garments feature weather it is breathable. Always keep a check on such features as style and technicality should go hand in hand. And no doubt such athleisure shall give you a huge motivation to work out, sweat out and stay gorgeous as you are.


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