Swim Away Your Stress

Swim your heart out ? ?

There has been many proven way to bust the stress and give the fitness on the other hand. For some it is dancing, for some it’s Yoga. I however am an introvert which rules out dancing and gym as I would be too shy. But that does not mean I have a ball of stress over my head. Being in a real world sometimes you get worked up and decide to throw on a little bubble bath, or taking shower helps calming you down, Massaging is soothing. All these things actually all the things that exist in this whole right world is connected to water. Hydrotherapy. The contact of water and skin. The hydration of whole body. And in this hot and humid weather, it’s a big yes.


Okay! So coming to the point, swimming is the answer to stress buster. Swimming is a great cardio, there are many ways of swimming. If taken proper care the skin shall kept intact even when you swim often. It’s a great way to tone the muscles and to get the relaxation at the same time.


For all the working moms, a time out with your baby in a pool would be a bliss. So much to learn. There must be many offering of such workshops where mother and child can sign up together. On the other hand, if you want to focus on the shaping, toning and strengthening yourself, Individual sign up would be beneficial. An hour in a pool would be more than enough at first and as per your interest you can increase the timeline.

Here are few swimming methods and its impact –

Freestyle swimming – the most basic one, if you are new to it shall stick to basics, it uses the force of lower body, ideal for small pools, it will tone the lower body in a long run as there will be continuous paddling.

Freestyle swimming

Brest stroke – Brest stroke slows you as in this technique you huddle with force against the water with your chest. It is the best way to tone upper body. It actually requires coordination between your upper and lower body. The arms and chest are at maximum use.

Brest stroke

Butterfly – this is the best technique to tone overall body but great comes to those who suffers, it is most advanced technique and it is usually performed by professional athletes. It requires synced arm movement and strong arm muscles. To achieve the perfection in this technique, lots of practice is mandatory.


Water is denser than air and hence swimming gives faster results in shaping up the build. But do not forget the presence of chlorine in water can harm your skin and hair majorly. Check with your dermatologist if any rashes occur, wear goggles if you are planning to swim more than an hour or so, wear full hands coverage bodysuit to save the skin, there are many lotions available to put on before after swimming. Wear head gear as your hair need not be wet every time you swim.

Swim on to great health!


 Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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