The Art Of Folding – Origami

Ever wondered what is origami? Most of you will be aware about the term. It is an ancient Japanese method of sculpturing objects & items by simply folding paper. Have you ever made birds out of paper? That is origami. Have you seen nicely pleated fans & umbrella made out of paper, that is Origami too. Have you ever seen garments with really nice origami in the part or whole garment? Well, that has been around the corner in fashion for a long time. Origami is related to mathematics, design & architecture of a surface. Many major brands like Gucci, Armani & Versace has used the concept of Origami in the showcase of their collection. Many of the structures around you can give you a hint of Origami used in it. It is a really soothing to watch perfectly aligned origami as the base of it is tessellations. The repeating of the same design, in the same size or increasing & decreasing sizes. Issey Miyake was the first designer to use this concept in his runway. With keeping his Japanese culture intact he created many designs which were inspired by the art of origami. Now it is easy to understand that art which required a base of a crisp surface to fold and mold & create the installation however huge or small it may be, it is noticeable that wearing a paper dress is not conventional & giving crisp folds to a garment is not an easy task. However, there are few techniques which give the garment a feel of origami being used in it. Such work of art stands out from the clutter immediately. Here are few images to give the idea of collaboration of origami & fashion.

First & foremost the design I want to share is an absolute delight, over a plain black attire a charcoal grey origami is worked. It is a simple folding of the square fabric pieces, however, it is in the increasing ration from top to bottom.


While the first was a perfect example of how origami works, the second one is more on the side of tessellations. A hexagon cut in half, and placed one row above another on the sleeve area. Now it might seem like an easy job and basic garment, however, a great accurate craftsmanship is required for this whole art.


Another piece from the same collection, a mighty black swan’s wing over the shoulder is made by folded papers.


Another example of tessellation, it is repeating the triangular and hexagon design in the garment giving a basic garment detailing.


For a regular day, wearing a swan’s sleeve may not be option. Hence an origami incorporated with pleats were introduced.


Another Japanese designer showcased a tessellation & connecting triangle design in NYFW.


I tis much more easy to mold a metal in as It stays sturdy, for all the people who need to include a piece or two of origami in any way in their wardrobe, you can get many accessories such as this one.


A very minimal approach at origami by Issey Miyake in his collection.


Issey Miyake– 2017 collection. Repetition & folding based collection.

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