The flirty fun look

Sometimes one needs to be out of the trend or off the trend to feel the free existence of one’s self. Imaging of a lady boss to a caring friend, and from a Homie to a social butterfly or from a teen at heart to the queen of her man’s heart, there would always be a craving for this freedom. The one thing that is commonly found intact every time is the playfulness, the motivation to stay chirpy, flirty. And this feel is somehow exhibited knowingly or unknowingly through the flirty fun look.

Witty women have concurred the world, be it their goofy jokes or their sense of dressing, it always draws the attention. The amount of charm and confidence it gathers is just a fern to the crown. Here if we talk about the divas who are taking ramping up towards their career, their social life and their relationships they have the quality of taking charge of every situation. The flirtatious ladies if we talk about whether their style, dressing sense or personality has traits of being dominant, bold and constantly changing.

This article is intended to pen a few words that help you achieve that fun flirty look with the hint of a firm dresser.
Pair up the distressed boyfriend jeans with the fishnet & plaid shirt or a plain black cami, red lipstick and a pair of sunglasses and don’t forget to add on a choker or an antique ring on the finger, and Voila! A lunch date or a street shopping spree. This look with all due respect will capture the attention of everyone.

Distressed jeans with the fishnet & plain black cami

Work and flirty look combination you ask?? Well, the Bodysuits are the ultimate answer to the flirty fun look, they are great and comfortable to wear, and the uncomfortable pulling and stretching the shirt before bending down is put to an end with it. Articulation along with body hugging look. Throw on a pencil skirt and a nice bronzer with the pastels or an all black theme. The work wear which is so sexy Monday blues will also seem alright with it.



Bodysuit with pencil skirt

Cocktail dresses with a deep neck are defined as flirty dresses or even the tube dresses but so does the ruffled crop top and a pair of leather pants. It surely will keep things on a mysterious notch, the bare date or an evening at the club will surely spice up with such goodies. Recently most of the fast fashion brands have launched many flirtatious collection one of which feature Kylie Jenner posing as a flirty babe from 60’s. More on it, fringes has been considered as flirty dresses if we see the flapper dresses from 50’s or if we see its great comeback in late 2016. A fringe top and denim with tan boots will make you feel like one of the Giddy up girls!!

Cocktail dresses


Tube dress


Ruffled crop top and a pair of leather pants


A fringe top and a denim with tan boots


Kylie Jenner posing as a flirty babe

If we talk about inclination towards the other part, mostly young lazy ladies (just like me!!) wants to go for casual looks and throw on the hoodie and a backpack well it doesn’t mean that it symbolizes. That massy girl look, In reality,  pairing up yoga pants or a pastel leggings and an oversized sweatshirt with a clear glass aviator and a braided hair-do with a creamy brown hued lipstick and a smidge of Kohl will give you a fun look for a casual and creative outfit it’s a win – win.

Hoodie and a backpack


Yoga pants or a pastel leggings and an oversized sweatshirt with a clear glass aviator

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