The Perfect Black Eye

Eyes are the most sensuous and expressive features on the face. Your eye says it all, it boosts self-confidence, defines your personality and catches attention. Therefore eye make-up is essential. It should be subtle, comfortable and easy to do.

Today, I am going to discuss basic eye make-up tips for beginners. As we all want to have eye iconic impact and it’s not difficult to achieve, just bit of practice, and you will be able to create eye magic. For this try to buy best eye products from top brands which are easy to use and give the desired impact.

1. The first step is to clean your eyes using make-up remover.

2. Take a kohl pencil from any brand, I like from VLCC or L’Oreal and apply on the underneath lower eye lash. It should be a thin line that looks good for daily routine.

3. Now we can extend this further and use eye-liner on the upper eyelashes to get a more impact.

4. Apply the eye-liner as close to the upper lash as possible and from inward to outward direction.

5. To get a smoky eye effect try with the pencil or crayon liner and smudge it on the eyelids.

6. Smudge it evenly using eye brush to get a natural look. Use black colour kohl pencil/crayon for darker eyes while to keep them subtle grey colour pencil/crayon should be used.

This is the basic steps to get smoky eyes impact. Now if you are getting ready for some party then may be applying mascara on eye lashes will further accentuate the beauty of your eyes. So, using a black colour volume mascara from L’Oreal is a good choice. Apply on your upper lashes first and don’t blink your eyes so that it gets dry and no smudging on other parts of the face. While applying mascara on lower lashes use a tissue paper to absorb extra mascara. It is important to practice this at home couple of times so that you get some confidence and able to improvise your mistakes.

It is also very important to start your make-up with eyes first so that you can cover the extra smudging on the face. The smoky eyes go very well with the western evening gown or glittery dark colour attires. Smoky eyes are easy to do yourself, and it matches with most of the attires while it looks best if you are wearing the black party dress.






Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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