This Summer Season Get Ready With All Black

We all talk about how green is the color of the year, Pantone company is putting down millions and millions of dollars in finding new combinations and color composition. Manier times you get the comment that you need to try a new shade or some color just doesn’t suit you anymore or you have 10,000 pcs. Of black in your wardrobe try something else. Or Black is completely out of fashion, multi colors is the future, well this article will give you all the support you need to shut the world for greater good. All black is the theme for the day. Above mentioned and any other reasons will be put to en end for once, and all as all the below looks are approved by the Jenner sisters.

How simpler could it get than this? You want to look fabulous, you throw on a plain black knit t-shirt, available at any retail store of Forever 21. A pleated skirt with permanent creasing so that they are set the way they are for a longer time. A black leather belt & a black leather sling bag, you can complete the look by pairing them with a pair of black boots with a red sole. Really easy to achieve and a flawless attire it is.


This look immediately takes me back to this one particular dressing of Jennifer Anniston in her popular series Friends where on her birthday she wore a grey skirt with print and even though I fell in love with the whole dress and flared skirt look, I could not adore it to the fullest due to my resentment towards the whole printed fabric extravaganza. This one above is a perfect to my kind of fusion of romper and skirt. Often the rompers are a bit too revealing and might make you uncomfortable due to the length of the garment. However, this kind of piece can provide the crafted solution to the problem. Paired with strappy gladiators and a puffy sleeve it is a dramatic piece.


The opposite of above two looks, Kendal was seen wearing a T-shirt dress with the skinny scarf detail. A big dog motif is there on the center of attraction. Paired with black boots it is a perfect to look amazing and low key club wear. I often go to clubs and feel intimidated by the kind of dressing other people have done. This might solve the problem for all of us.


It seems like the Jenner can not think anything but black now a days. A midi length bodycon dress paired with plain white shoes & a black leather shoulder bag. Finest contender of Little Black Dress with a flattering back slit and cuff detailing for the thumb.


I have saved the best one for the last. Leather & black color has been making a great pair since last so many decades, right from the Hoggers to Joan Jett to Jenner. Strappy stilettoes& leather pants and a Leather jacket. Finished with red lipstick is the perfect way to glam up a party.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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