Tips For Beautiful Skin

Who doesn’t dream of beautiful, glowing, “I woke up like this!!” skin?

But let’s face it along with an ever glowing skin, I want my career and my fun drinking and eating whatever I can get my hands on life too. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. My favorite gal Lady Gaga (who also happens to have the best glow without makeup) has spoken up “your career will never wake up one day and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.” So it sums up at the balancing everything. You would always love to go with great skin, healthy diet and lots of fun on the weekend. Here, let me share with you some tips to give your skin an uplift.

First and the foremost thing, never ever forgets to put on sunscreen before stepping out. I agree it’s one of the most overused lines. But I have experienced the difference. Earlier I also felt no need to put on any lotion before stepping out, and it has done no good, rather took some real time to heal the tan and damage. And not only tan, but it also creates wrinkling of skin; aging and harmful rays of the sun can harm your skin. Sadly Hugh Jackman has got his skin cancer back for 6th time and has advised simply to put on sunscreen all the time in daytime. Choose a sunscreen with SPF above 15 as it prevents burns as well as tan. Consult your dermatologists if unsure about what affect it can have on your skin and what brand should be preferred.


Okay, another tip is to drink lots of water again a very basic tip. But I have seen people ignoring to drink water giving reasons like lack of time, business at work, hustle at home and not liking the taste of water, not being able to drink water as it makes them feel full, well I have a plain solution to each of these. There are many apps that track your water intake a day and you can simply set a goal of let’s say drinking 8 glasses of water, it shall remind you on pre-set interval to drink water. It’s really easy to initiate the habit and rest will be taken care by your biological clock.

Drink lots of water

There are few routines to follow to get flawless skin, it takes time and effort to achieve a great skin but it’s all in your hands if you are determined.

Morning ritual:

• Keep this routine as your mantra, I have kept it real simple, but if required there can be added few steps.
• After waking up, use a wet wipe to remove any dirt or oil from last night, and then splash your face with cold water, waking up your skin with this will make you feel fresh.

Use a wet wipe to remove any dirt

Splash your face with cold water

•  Use a mild face wash to clean the skin, use exfoliator twice a week to remove dead skin.

Mild face wash to clean the skin

• Put on tones for even skin and to close pores

Put on tones for even skin and to close pores

• Put on moisturizer and let skin set for at least 15 minutes before applying sunscreen. Remember to put on sunscreen at least 30 minutes before stepping out of the home.

Put on moisturizer

Evening ritual:

• Again the same routine, remove makeup with wet wipes, followed by face wash, toner and moisturizer.

Remove makeup with wet wipes

• Here once in a week, you can use a face mask, or cotton sheet face mask available largely at lots of beauty stores.

Use a face mask

Night ritual:

• There was a quote “the bags under my eyes are Prada.” It made me laugh and then reevaluate it. No one like the bags and dark circles under eyes even if they are from Prada (metaphorical Prada!!!) so to avoid this use a night cream and use under eye creams. Kiehl’s and Body Shop are providing wide ranges of products which are for every skin type. Also, block out any light source while going to bed and minimize the use of backlit devices.
Apart from this try a healthy diet. Eat fruits with vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Set a routine for other works in a day. Try hydro facials. And keep a tab on us for more tips.

Use a night cream and use under eye creams

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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