Tips To Look Thinner

Everyone is blessed with a different body shape.But it is really important to know how to carry yourself up keeping in mind the structure of your body. Everyone wants to look appealing and appear slimmer. For this people follow strict diet plans, go to the gym regularly and do all the possible things to make their body fit but in the case of women its not same everytime. Women face a lot of problems especially when they are pregnant, for her its a kind of project for minimum two years from the pre pregnancy to the post pregnancy period. I have seen many women getting depressed about their body shapes after their delivery as the weight increases and the belly becomes more bulky at the initial stage of post delivery. But rather than getting depressed she should go for the right choice of buying clothes till the time she reduces her weight. So here are some awesome tricks to look more slimmer and hide your belly fat:

Always go for dark colours- Till the time you reduce your weight, always make a choice of buying dark coloured clothes. Among all the dark colours, black is one of the best colours to look slimmer and hotter too. Black colour helps you in hiding your bulges and make you look more thinner.


Wear fit clothes- Never be in the dilemma of buying loose clothes. It will make you look more bulky rather. Buy fit clothes which are neither too loose nor too tight. It will help you in giving a suitable look.


Wear vougy shrugs- If you have fatty arms and you want to wear something cut sleeves or half sleeves upper, always wear a shrug on that. Apart from giving you a thinner look, it will help you in giving a stylish look too.


Wear heels- Rather than going for flats, go for heels. It will give a taller look and will change your posture because it helps you to keep your back and shoulders straight.


Tie your hair- when fat comes on your body, your face also looks heavier than before. Open hair will make you look more bulky. So always go for high pony or a rough tight bun to give yourself a stylish look.


Striped dresses- Go for the dresses which are vertically striped. It will make others more attentive towards the striped area i.e from up to down rather than being attentive to the side bulky area.


Wear body shape inner- Always use shapewear as an inner. It will help in tightening your body and will help you in hiding the bulgy area.


Jacket- In winters go for dark coloured jacket with fitted jeans and long boots with little heels.


GOGGLES- Always go for bigger goggles on a heavy face. It will make your face look more smaller and cuter and further gives you a modish look.


Wear scarf or stole- Wear stylish stole hanging down to the abdomen area, it will help you in hiding the belly fat and make you look more thinner because it hides your under chin fatty area too.


So follow the tips and give yourself a classy look.

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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