Trendy accessories is the main part of girls/ladies daily routine. Everyone wants to look appealing and trendy. But sometimes, for some of us, it becomes really chaotic of making a choice between what to wear and what not to? It is rightly said that SIMPLICITY IS THE KEY NOTE OF ALL TRUE ELEGANCE. So one should always go for simple elegant accessories in their daily routine to look classy. So here are some awesome tips of wearing different accessories with different clothes. I always prefer to wear very light accessories with heavy dresses and a bit heavy accessories with lesser designed dresses. So here i am going to show you some accessories for routinal dressup:

1. Cocktail ring: Cocktail ring gives your hand a really classy look. Always go for a simple or a single stoned cocktail ring with your western dress up and a little glittery with partywear clothes. Remember to remove other rings while wearing cocktail ring because its already quite bigger in size and might not give a proper look with other rings.


2. Choker: You can add a beautiful trendy choker in your regular dressing style. Wear a little dangling choker with deep neck and a little upraised with short or boat neck. There are many type of chokers, silver is in current trend, so you can buy accordingly.



3. Earrings: Add different coloured studs with your regular dress up. You can also wear dangling earrings as per your liking. Buy simple colourful light weighted earrings for your regular running dressup . Heavy earrings should be worn at the time of parties. If you wear very heavy earrings regularly, it might damage your pierced area.



4. Anklet: Wearing anklet is quite comfortable in the summer season because it is always visible but in winters, wearing anklet is not necessary as you cover your foot with socks and shoes most of the time.


5. Scarf: Wearing scarf gives you a very classy look and moreover it helps in giving warmth in winter season. Always hang the scarf like you can see in the picture below rather than wearing it in a simple way because wearing scarf in a different way gives you a glam look.



6. Wrist-watch: Dont forget to wear a wrist watch in your left hand. Apart from appealing your personality, it will further help you to save your time of peeping into your cell phone repeatedly.


7. Sling bag: Whenever you go out, you should have a sling bag cross hanged or hanging on your side, so that you can put the important tiny things like tissue, perfume, sanitizer, cell phone and other things you need. The bag should not be too big or too small. There should always be a comfortable space in your bag.


8. Glares/ Sunglasses: To look more smarter and classy, don’t forget to wear a stylish sunglass. Always buy trendy sun glasses. Cat eyed sunglasses and squarical shaped sunglasses are in vogue these days.



9. Belt: Waist line belt is trendy now a days. Give yourself a modish look by tying a beautiful trendy belt on your waist line.



10. Footwear: Last but not the least, footwear is the most important part of your dressing style. Always go for little high heeled footwear if you are short in height or if you are wearing any long dress or saree. If not comfortable with high heels, you can buy veg heeled footwear which will be more comfortable. People who are tall can wear flats or little-heeled footwear. Make sure that your footwear is always neat and clean because it reveals your real personality.



Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.