Trend Alert: Check Out The Layer Trend

Hello all, so as you know, the sun is shining and we couldn’t get more of this heat. All the short skirts & shorts & crop tops. But there is one trend that has picked up in 2017. It’s layering trend. See it’s practical to wear less layers in this brooding hot environment but if at all you are to visit places where layers are required or are just willing to look all cool hip.

Layering trend is a versatile trend. Broadly it means to put on an extra layer, it gives the volume and texture to the garment. Many known designing houses are including it in their collections. Here in the first image above, model is wearing a trouser, a shirt & a sweater very simple pull off but in the right most picture the model has put on baggy trouser, a shirt, a vest and a velvet rob. The designers have their own individual ideas behind each piece. Including volumes & texture gives the sense of creativity.


As I said it’s versatile ways of layering. Rather than layers of different clothes, one single clothing with multiple layers in the form of ruffles. It is a very critical world we live in and often trying something different can get a lot of attention. Ruffles are difficult to pull off. As per slander bodice, people find it difficult to pull off as it makes their body looks flatter.

This collage below is the most favorite one. As it is including street style. Street style fashion has been dress over denim is a whole new trend currently going one. The first piece is a vibrant one. Paired with black denim, black boots a mustard yellow shirt dress paired with an oversized t-shirt. A really good two tone pair up can be pulled up even in the summer time. The second one with brief modifications can be a rip-off. A mid rise denim, a crop hood and over it a kimono, preferably pastel since it will tone down the other emphasis of the look with delicacy. The right most look is combination of many layering looks. A trouser paired with ruffled dress and a cotton faded jacket. It is somehow way too baggy and can make you look like a homeless person. Try choosing your clothes more carefully. Make sure they are not too tight or too baggy. And choose layers which are removable without making it uncomfortably revealing.


The simpler version of layering is herewith in below picture. It can be pulled off from basics from your wardrobe. Boots paired with a denim shirt & cardigan with a pair of jeans, which can be traded with cotton wide-legged pants.


Similar to the below look this one is crop denim jeans with a crisp white shirt, a single knitted long jersey & coat, with rainy season rolling over this look can go great in the drizzled season.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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