Trend Alert: Hair Trend 2017

The world where we live in, people have lots of obsessions. Alcohol, nicotine, Botox, shopping and food too. However, I’m not trying to push any of mentioned these above can have an effectively adverse effect on one’s life and lifestyle. However many obsessions are completely harmless and most of the time make you look gorgeous. Like giving yourself a bit of ink on the skin or dye on your hair. We have a general misconception about how dying your hair can make it damaged or early greying your hair, or it makes you look way too different. But if you want to go for it, here are few dyeing ideas which you can get professionally done and be the new you.

There are many ways to colour your hair many options available. This one below is a perfect if you want to get a nice subtle colour which softens the tone of your hair while giving you an absolute transformation this one is for you. I have been obsessed with blond hair since I was kid and watching all the Disney characters and the pretty girl with blonde shades, however, I was never able to gather up a courage to dye my hair fully blonde due to the skin tone and Indian culture and parent’s disapproval (yes, even after being an independent women for over a year and an adult I still believe in these things). However, this one is a combination of both. The blonde and brunet. The under flics which are blonde, you can decide on the partition for colour. It’s a great experiment to go two colours, the only challenge will be six-month touch for the newly growing hair.


While lighter shades are pretty there is really something enigmatic about dark colour, they give you the sense of drama. When most Indians are blessed with black & jet black hair. Dark plum, maroon & even teal is the colour that goes great with black hair as root. Again based on the intensity you desire, you can colour your hair with the daring colour. This falls into the highlight category.


While I was in university completing my graduation, this trend was at its peak. The grey and related charcoal &ashcolors were in trend. While they can look good even in the longer hair length. If you have a short hair length or thinking to go short or Bob, this is perfect opportunity to revamp hair with ash grey colour. However, you need to be very careful not to look like you are having grey hair. This falls into the same highlight hair colour area and getting it professionally done is much advisable.


For all the ladies who like me are in love with the newly born rose gold trend, giving your hair a complete brown based rose gold hair is going to make you look like another person. Styling this kind of hair is advisable in wave and curls to give the texture as plain straight will make them look very unfinished it is a great way to dye your hair and the best part is when your new hair will sprout it will give a whole new ombre effect.


Who can forget how we all fell in love with Katrina Kaif’s red hair in her drama movie Fitoor. It was a gorgeous way to pour drama in your hair. Red is an all-time favorite and if you at a place in your life where such colours won’t be the obstacle it is a must have experience.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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