Trend Alert: Kimonos Are In Fashion In This Summer Season

There are few things which give you an immediate feeling of a great heritage. When I sip up my chamomile tea or when I accidentally touch my pearly cross. When I bring out my mother’s old saree or when I see my grandmother’s huge “Pitara”. I go back in the time for a moment when these things that we admire as vintage or rich heritage were invented. We now keep these things like a piece to remember, but it was functional for people back in the time. Japanese people are one of the most ancient civilisation. Their beauty & tradition is still intact. Their life style & way of living might have changed with being one of the most technologically advanced nation, but they are still known for their rich heritage. Today we are going to talk about the beautiful gift they have given to fashion world. Kimonos.

Being one of the admirers of Hippie, Kimono & Boho culture, my first pick is this vibrant, gorgeous Kimono with bright big block print. Paired with a plain printed T-shirt & denim fray hem shorts. Since the Coachella has become famous, such looks are inspired and encouraged. This looks cool as well as it is comfortable for all the hustles you might have at a day out of the festival.


Now kimonos at inception were a piece of square cloths, joined at the arm and wrapped around to the body. Due to lack of stitching & assembling a garment, Kimonos were used the way they were used. However it is becoming a fashion trend now if you see the above picture, it’s a gorgeously crafted Kimono inspired blouse. A blouse with a big boxy sleeve with a cut at the mid armhole. Made with Polyester fabric this blouse is a sole winner of monochrome. Completed with the same fabric belt to give the authentic look of kimono.


Probably this is the closest adaption of Kimono in every possible way. A long midi length Kimono in bright pastels with traditional Japanese scenario printed on the back the trees & birds with crafted cuffs & pockets. The best attraction is rope & tassels of sky blue colour giving it a finishing touch for Kimono. It was one of the sought after look of Paris fashion week street style.


Again a piece of Paris fashion week, but in a very different manner, I must admit. This is also an adaption of authentic Kimono. However, this is made in satin silk fabric with digital printing & a flat & basic silhouette, the charming part of this garment is how the whole floral cami dress in lavender & Black Kimono is paired. However, if you ask me, my heart is stuck to the Gucci boots with pearl detailing. A very refreshing piece overall. Ideal for evening outdoors cocktail parties.


This third one is itself a Kimono. A dress rather crafted as a Kimono/bathrobe/overcoat dress. It’s a very European dress. However adapted from their Asian friends. A satin dress with digital print, clever use of trail cut and flattering for hourglass body type.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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