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While studying for color terminologies recently, I came across a very interesting activity, where you are randomly flashed with a color in front of you, and you have just to jot down the words that you can associate with that color. Let’s say when I say red, there comes in your mind danger, love, loyalty, patriarchy. When I say pink, feminine, soft, cuddly, gullible, sweet comes in the mind. While studying for the color purple and plum, I came across words like royalty, wealth, mystery& magic. The color of Plum – a dark shade of purple has been around always, the Dark Age, gothic age has used Plum & purple color in all their garments &ornaments too. The plum everything is one of the 2016 trend that is continuing in the year of 2017 too.

Just a chiffon dress with gathers & cold shoulders in a plum color is a majestic outfit. For evening & night events this could be an ideal dress. Pair it with some antique looking beaded jewelry & satin framed heels to complete the look. The whole point of plum & purple is to never overdo the outfit as the color anyway holds the power.


The Plum everything is perfectly depicted in above image, a midi length flared dress in chiffon like fabric with a flow kind of drape. With a darker shade of plum in the tweed jacket over the dress. The whole look from the picture only shows the royalty of the color.


While the dresses and gowns in plum look great but let’s admit it is wearing a long length dresses in plum is a bit too princess like for regular wear. Incorporate a plum colored top with denim or black trousers for the bit gothic look.


Again a plum everything look is here shown, a white shirt under a plum knitted sweater with a color sprinkled sheer skater skirt, a plum shaded stalking with beige brogues. It is a perfect for a nerd/studious look for the day time. Rather than greys and black such colors can brighten such look.


Plum looks good when paired up with blacks and brown, however, a contrast pair up with peaches & pinks can bring a lot more soulful combination. Even though just one bomber jacket is there in the whole outfit here, a white plain blouse with pink pants rolled up to ankle, soft pleated baggy pants with brown shoes and the plum bomber jacket.


Coming back to the majestic gowns, Plum is the best color to go with due to its ombre pattern. Black, plum& orange, put up together in an ombre gown makes an elegant entrance.


In the retro look, too Plum was present. An orange bell sleeve shirt with wide legged velvet plum pants is something you should wear for the next hippie trip.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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