Trend Alert: Sheer Dresses Are The Perfect Pick Up For Summer Events

So the sun is still blazing in the sky and making us all question why we didn’t appreciate the drizzles and the blushy chills. Nevertheless, as the eternal summer continuous, every styling makes us uncomfortable relentlessly. The sweat, the drenching clothes, the feel of cotton clothes hugging your body, the red lines from wearing too harsh clothes like denim. In short, it does not give a good vibe to wear your regular clothes in summer, but you cannot always wear an oversized t-shirt and underwear to feel comfortable while these issues persist for some unavoidable formal events for the rest and most of the situation sheer dresses are the answer.

A very breezy porous fabric with a tropical print in white. A very simple craft of dress paired with black shorts & matching top. Can add a lengthy layer for own. Find a suitable fabric, and you can get it tailored as well. You can suggest such to a local designer to create something for your body type. Pair it with light pallet heels and a small bag. Tie up your hair in a ponytail to create a summer day look.


The maxi dresses are making its way back in the fashion world, and this above dress is the best example of such, a sheer dress originally featured for a wedding gown, this is the best sheer dress I can put my eye on, as per the sleeve detailing, it is perfect for the fall of this fabric. The trail of the fabric is giving it extraordinary look.


This is a very delicate dress which is not only categorised as sheer but also is a must have for a formal party. This dress is having a base of satin light blue shade with mesh panel, mostly polyester based. A fit & flare fall is giving it a gentle feminine look. The length is modest and makes it perfect for the family related event. The embroidery is giving it look of fullness.

This piece is inspired by retro look, the cutout brocade was really popular in the 70s, with ladies draping a sari with sheer brocade. Bell sleeve with brocade detailing in a dress a flared dress paired with white socks and long blonde bangs is giving a whole dancing in the moon vibe. Throw on some sparkly face tattoos which were really popular back in that time, you can rock this look at any theme party ever.


There are times when Indian attires are the coolest if paired up with the right material. A sheer material tailored with cotton interlining can be toned down for office wear or a formal event. Chikan Kari is really famous work from Lucknow U.P. Paired with Ankle length pants.


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