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So I happen to be so bored one day, I was flipping through one app to another app in my phone, and while shuffling, I opened the health app of my phone and I realized two things, one how I should pay much more attention to this app, rather than doing scrolls on the social apps and second, how I walk 4-5000 steps a day. So I walk fairly enough even when I’m in the office, running errands. But I often wear high heels or uncomfortable shoes. I switched to wearing sports shoes. Which was great up until I wore them on a rainy day & all the water seeped inside and gave a shrug whole day at my wet squeaky shoes. So while browsing for the yet another alternate option, I found these sliders, I personally do not like to wear sleepers and flip flops at work, even when I’m uncomfortable wearing my boots. I wear them to avoid the constant consciousness about my feet. But the rain made me leave my boots on the side, and I browsed the sliders. It is in the trend, and they are the most comfortable footwear ever.

Gigi Hadid, Victoria’s Secret model, one of the most popular celebrity now a days, wears sliders even outside of the house too. A nice black sliders with the fuzzy material at top paired with denim and a crop is a look of the girl next door.


While roaming on the exotic destination, it is always advisable to walk the town rather than taking transports. And for that, your feet need to be at its maximum comfort. Classic striped monochrome sliders paired with a black dress, it can be paired with almost all the outfits that passes the street style.


If you are more comfortable with the toe closed footwear, you can get such sliders too, there are multiple styling options for sliders. A faux leather sliders paired with simple dresses or a monochrome outfit or any other trousers.


Having a fun day with your best friend, want to relax in but also want to look gorgeous for any fashion emergency that may come? Slide on to the sliders for fun, match them with your friend and voila, a great photo session with a sense of relaxation is achieved. The best part of sliders is that it brings out some style in the most boring piece of clothes.


While I opt for subtle colors in the footwear, seeing Adidas making such bright sliders gave me a chance to second guess my translucent criss-cross sliders. However, it is looking great in the picture, pairing sliders with socks is a questionable idea.


How people always picture sliders is one thing and dressing them with a sexy trailed co-ords is another. Look how it is matching flawlessly with the attire. A great pair up with a twist of comfort.


Well every pretty pair of sliders on one side & customized sliders with GI GI printed on sliders on one side. Gigi sure is in love with these sliders as she often wears them while not on the roll.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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