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So I’m watching this music video, the Tv is on, video is going on, the artist melodious voice made me look up from my phone, and to much of my awe, I am paying rather more attention to the model/actor’s dress. The whole theme was her being a House wife, a good house wife who is in sorrow as the husband is cheating on her behind her back and though she knows it all, she is putting up as if he’s the one for her she for him. However the even more to it my attention was drawn to her beautifully crafted tea dress. Now we all must ask what a Tea dress is. Tea dress was around since from the Victorian era. It made its comeback over the time, in the 19th century it became really popular among ladies. And now the trend is making it’s comeback again. There are many variant of the style and we are going to discuss few for the enlightenment on the subject.

This is a typical Tea dress, a very informal dress, in a pastel colour. The delicate detailing is providing all the support to feminine dress this is. The dress with satin white backing with mint green net with embroidery and applique makes it a gorgeous piece. The older era before the boom of mass production was great in a way, as each garment was crafted with a real detailing. With the fast fashion blooming, the varients has increased but the richness has been lost somehow.


A polka dot was one of the most growing trend in the vintage times and a white dress with black polkas, a red belt and midi length is a perfect match up for the reconnection with past.


While the traditional Tea dresses may seem bit to traditional for few, the modified version which has been around since quite a some time is exampled here. A mesh paneled dress backed up with silky looking fabric, these dresses are for the budget fashionista and are easily available in many stores around, branded and non-branded.


There is another variant to classic tea dress as a midi skirt with flare, though it is not conventionally same, it brings on the same dramatic Victorian effect.


For all the ladies out there obsessed with wedding gowns are looking for the ones, just go with this year’s hottest trend of tea dress. A pure white wedding dress with epliques and mesh is an awesome way to walk the aisle.



The traditional tea dresses had a y neckline. With a buldgey flare and sheer fabric over the buckram.


However, the world has changed and the trends which are making a comeback, they are back with the changes. A traditional tea dress is a midi length, it is mostly buldgey and with sheer fabric. However, now it is with more of a bright colour, short lengths and body hugging.


The variant that is currently in trend is with cotton blend fabric, comfortable and body hugging.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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