Trend Alert: This Summer Get Inspired With Fishnet Trend

Since last 5 years, people have been obsessed with the flattering waistline. The whole concept of wearing a saree to flatter your waistline came in light with Priyanka Chopra’s desi girl avatar. Now there has been an evolution in the trend with overly hourglass body shape. The waist will be supper skinny and thighs thick. The whole concept is the current trend all over the world, while the plastic surgery makes it look real bad, with proper diet & exercise the naturally beautiful waistline is achievable. Now the question is, have you been noticing, crop tops, mesh panelled tops, high-rise denim, low rise denim with stockings all are the current ongoing trend to show off the flattering waistline.

1. How to pull out such look- so the point is wearing a ripped denim over the fishnet stockings but the waistline of denim will be low waist, and the stockings will be an actual waist. It will emphasize the curves. This trend is at its peak. It has first been incepted by Kylie Jenner to show off her flattering waistline.


2. There have been many other celebrities sporting the same look, but each has their own style to cultivate it. Like given Stephenie has carried it with a hip look the main emphasis is low waist cargo pant with camo print paired up with fishnet stockings.



3. Bella throne, however, decided to wear it like a gamer home girl, with a cosy home environment Bella throne wore fishnet under shorts with comforter shoes. But the socks with marijuana knit is the best part of all.


4. Now the bold fishnets are making its statement and changing from cheap & tacky to a wardrobe must. Pair it with a printed dress, and it can make a statement for any evening event.


5. The street style or Goth style is the pioneer of ultimate fishnet stockings. It has been around since the 1980s. To pull out an all-black theme, it is a perfect to pair with black velvet dress, leather jacket & fishnet stockings, bold or detailed depending upon your choice.


6. Ripped stockings with a black dress might seem bit extreme to few people, but it is a win win. Rather than pairing it with a bold dress, try a flared dress with soft pastel with ripped detailed fishnet.


7. My eternal love for British classics (in the sense of color and silhouette) will always resurface in a way or two. Now above image depicts perfect example of classy look with fishnet stockings. Red and black complementing each other and blond hair is bringing out the entire attire. One of my favourite piece which couldn’t have been as impish without the stockings.


8. The other way to sports fishnet is with a dress or shorts & knee length stockings. it is a more of a summer trend.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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