Trend Of The Year – Blazer Dress

Now this may sound odd to you because most of us are core 90’s kid, denim & bright colors are accustomed to our eyes & appeal, but however this year in 2017 there has been a lot of influence of the past. The designers have always taken inspiration from the decade-old style, such as 1920s cherry lips colors, infamous retro shades, for a brief while neon was a big hit. 2000s boot cut and wide legs pants and 80s blazer dress. All of these are making a major comeback. Here is a glance of how you can get one for yourself.

1. What is your takeaway from above picture? A simple tailored blazer with a flatteringly long hemline than usual. Now I have always been a fan of materials that are soft in feel and are mouldable to tailor well, and it gives the feel of richness. All such fabrics are mostly used in blazers and coats. Blazer dresses are giving away feel of formals & royalty at the same time. If you would have seen old American drama movies, many leading ladies have carried pin striped blazer dresses with grace and empowerment. It is a great fusion of formal & casuals just depends upon how you are willing to carry it. As per above image, pairing it with long boots and round glasses it is making it a really casual Friday attire.


2. There are many fabrics to play with when it comes to a blazer, moreover, I’m not much of a velvet person, and I always feel a bit over dramatic when I put on such shiny, fluffy clothes. But this somehow caught my attention, it is indeed dramatic but on the good note. The teal color is completely toning down the brightening effect of velvet. The belt is put to create a balance of teal. It is a great piece and a wardrobe must for Saturday dinner party. Pair it with high heeled boots or black mesh heels for a complete look.


3. This look with blazer dress immediately sends you to the heritage beauty of Europe, and somehow French girls have wooed the world with their few signature steps. Such as use of flat red & black. A beret, especially red beret is a signature French girl or European styling. This has been in the books as old as Coco Chanel’s outburst in the fashion world. She depicted fashion for women with the utmost delicacy, and it is safe to say that going French with a blazer will make you feel exotic. A dash of blush and cherry lips and Voila!


4. There is few style alteration all around the globe depending upon the designer’s creativity. Some are asymmetric hemline, some are shift silhouette, some are a sleeveless blazer dress, and some are all over print, and some are double breasted. All these styles are picked up from street styles ad you can get yourself one too.






5. And now the best part of the articles, I have picked out some of my absolutely favorite designer pieces of blazer dresses carried out by fashion icons.







Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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