Twin Dressing – Double Trouble

How often do we find friends that are the part of your soul? Your personal photographer, your love guru, your psychiatrist, fashion advisor, caretaker, bossy mother like a person & over all your half soul? We all have at least one friend that is more than a friend but a trouble you cannot do without. While few of you like me might have lost touch with, many still share a great bond with their BFF. This article is dedicated to those crazy friendship which needs to be made obvious to the world.

It is not every day that you decide to dress up like twins, but when you do it’s got be a perfect match, but a mismatch, now if you here two friends here have put up an upside matching outfits.


While the first one is great for a photoshoot, I would want a more subtle note for me to dress up matching with my BFF. This one is a great piece, even though it’s a different style for both the ladies, it is from the same collection & that makes a great pairing without making it an obvious deal. You can pair it with your best friend o lirally any gathering to get lots of head turns.


Another one, this gives an idea, for same colours, different styles. It’s not always going to be that you and you BFF are same size &that time the diversion can be same colour dress up. You can style yourself however you want but in the same colour code. A win – win situation.


The New York fashion show has always been a trendsetter, and I’m not talking about the obvious one Fashion show but the street style. Here the same kind of dressing in a different colour. A great one to pair up for a day out with a BFF.


If the exact same matching pair up seems so difficult to put up, just like above one, pick up a matching jacket or t-shirt and roam around the place like you own this.


The best part about some friendship is about how different you are and yet how you complement each other perfectly. The above one is for that kind of friendship, if you like black & she likes blue, it can be worked out in that same way. Wear the same article in whichever way you like. Cause whatever you do. However you decide to go about, you know your best friend will roll on with you in it no matter what.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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