Velvet dream!!

Velvet. Velvet is the word which immediately connects the mind to the words like Royal, chic, expensive, dramatic, empowering, soothing, comfortable, sexy. It is the fabric that is named Velvet, and after that, it is being used as a synonym of fine soft finish. It has literally been replaced with the tag lines like velvet touch finish. Velvet is one of the many trends of this year. This year however in the fall designers went crazy with the idea. The runway was full of beautiful articles of velvet. There have been few street styles of velvet too. Here is some insight of how to carry a velvet. With the wedding season coming closer, there could be an excellent piece that can bring wonders to increase the royalty.

Royal blue, maroon, navy. These kinds of colors have been used in the royal clothes of our kings and queens, even today, the royal family wears royal blue to show the empowerment though their entire personality. The Byzantine period used purple and blacks of soft, shiny fabric to show the richness. This piece here is a co Ord over all royal blue in velvet. Justifying a complete party look. Pair it with a black silk blouse to change or a tight black pencil skirt for the rotation of use. A simply tailored suit in velvet will bring the richness of a high-end brand label.


While I’m always ready to travel, often on the way or upon reaching the venue, often unplanned parties roll down on me like a trouble I never see coming. While I enjoy planned parties, most of the time a club party brings worry to my closet. In such an event, I bought the exact same dress for 999 INR. From a well-known brand, however, it was in a rose gold shade it was the shimmering beckon for my entry in the party. Paired with a black strappy heel, this look completed my party look and so it will work for you.


While we talked about the royalness and richness to bring to a party with velvet, there is another trait to velvet. Apart from royal look, it is very chic material. It makes you look very feminine. Here a beige t-shirt dresses with plain silhouette and paired with plastic beige boots. It is a very impish flamboyant look. Appropriate for a day to night look. Pair it with minimal watches to complete the chic in you.


Yellow has always been a too much in the days of sober soothing chromatic colors world. But every now and then, some pieces like this one makes us realize how popping bright color are the actual winner when it comes to show your power via dressing. Depending on your skin tone, every once in a while, you can wear a bright, eye-popping color in velvet. To neutralise for a day time or subtle events, pair it with some whites.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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