What a Fashion Does With Your ‘Persona’

 All depends on your Personal style!

The term ‘persona’ refers to a personal facade that one showcases to the world. It is a public image and fragile in nature, as one can portray self of specific type of character for representing consistent behaviour throughout.  Fashion delineates styles in different ways. For motivational or inspiring fashion oriented persona, multiple variables play role in the mix, including personality, gender, lifestyle and age.

In the late 1990s, according to a tentative assertion, the term ‘Fashion’ became the prime word for the Indian divas in their every personal and professional act be it a simple formal party or some business conference. Hence it would be interesting to know how one can judge right and wrong persona that suits him or her in particular.  When you stay away from the natural sense of visage, you would probably feel uncomfortable, and the aesthetically good look is developed over a time as you discover more characteristics that a type of fellow possesses.

People may embark appreciations about how your clothes and hair look but it doesn’t necessarily mean that garments you accept are fit for your persona and really great. Discomfort in wearing things of the most booming fashionable trend should be projected as it, sometimes, results in becoming a victim of fashionista look, and that is what we find now and then in cases of models and divas during their ramp walks.

It may not preferable to stick to the same traditional clothing or the style for every personality just to hide the mask or to avoid the dilemma of “what to wear and what not to!” It would be interesting to have a thought at two personas that can significantly help you identify yours or your closest ones to what you may think of!

The modern classic, for female only

If your body still has a look that of preppy after the 30s, this style is a perfect fit and can decorate your personality with modern edge ideas. What additional you need to do is to elect solid colours.  You may find yourself comfortable with dark colour jeans, twin sets, knee length skirts and button down fancy shirts. You deliver a simple feminine look that is devoid of hippy or extravagant focus to any aspect.

The funky urbanite unisex wear

You may enjoy a style or a fashion reminiscent of the days gone by yet quite befitting to your persona, it will definitely give you a feel of comfortability and ease. Let me conclude in simple terms, a sophisticated wear with fewer designs will have a deep impact. Yes, your personality will be more blossoming with the right selection of your bag, shoes, scarf and yes above all the colour you choose. However, you need to consider your look and age. Yes, it would be a good fit for those who are much aligned to gothic culture.

Likewise, there are so many other personas around and you need to put efforts to find a perfect fashionable persona that is an ideal blend of a few. Research shows that in circumstances, you need to consider criterion like,

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Geographical information
  • Behavioural customs of a religion

Only a subset of persona is ubiquitous and recognised by entire world like characters of Charlie Chaplin, Mr Bean, Princess Elizabeth etc. where successor continues and adopts fashion of predecessor.

Awfully, your personal style can be conceived with a strong sense mostly by yourself only.  For every individual, the persona is unique, interesting and flattering according to body type. So far as fashion driven persona is concerned, it is ever evolving and recycling. Regardless of specific long-lived style becoming outdated, fashion personas will always remain.

Being comfortable in what you fashion has its own rewards. People around you can notice and inspire from same. But when you’re wearing clothes that are a true match to your fashion persona, it will astonishingly reflect a kind of character that people might see in a movie and perceives you really like that.

“Be sure that whatever you are is you.” Vaughn Martin Womens Jersey

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