What makes you an iconic fashionable diva

Are you fascinated by FASHION? Do you have your personal fashion statement?

The term, ‘Fashion’, has always fascinated every woman irrespective of their color, caste, and country. Many qualities can be attributed to a truly iconic fashion diva such as symmetrical body, the color of hair and eyes, smile, speech, thoughts, mannerism, and overall personality. Some prefer to regard it

  • As a matter of comfortability.
  • While some prefer to call it a style of dressing which convey some message.
  • Whereas there is still a group of people doing fashion just to make a show-off.

If we track the opinions of the fashion icons, it would be clear from their opinion that it is much more than comfortability, style, dressing, make-up and finally showing off. There must be an ideal blend of genius, intelligence, and beauty. Then and then only, a simple girl from a region would re-incarnate into an iconic fashionable diva.

 “In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

– In words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Let me try to throw light on some of the areas for the curious readers as well as fashion lovers which will definitely widen their vision for the fashion.

  1. Genius & Intelligence:

A major part of our society measures Fashion Divas in terms of their look, style, accessories they use, the designs they prefer for their clothing, and so on. But these are simply external factors that will help one to look gorgeous or beautiful but they would not make them a complete fashion icon. It is equally important how you look upon the life and the world around you. That is only the reason why the questions being asked in the fashion contests are largely related to the common life, personal dreams, their personal attitude towards their profession, ethical standards, and so on.

When a beauty is backed by genius and intelligence, it would definitely add value to your whole decorum. It gives them a feel of completeness and freedom.

  1. Speech:

It is the language and the way something presented plays a crucial role in the overall personality of a person. Hence, if you wish to make yourself an iconic fashion diva, it is inevitable for you groom your language as well as you take care of your clothing and designs on it.

  1. The presence of Mind:

Your presence of mind earns you a place in the heart of the people. When you are witty with a sharp reply and good at tackling a situation easily with a smile on your face, you are sure to win half the bread in advance. Just imagine the scenario when you are gorgeous yet struggling to respond spontaneously to an unwanted question or comment. Yes, your presence of mind along with the beauty you are gifted with is a lethal weapon you have.

  1. Philanthropic Attitude:

Have you ever watched the fashion & beauty contests and the question thrown at them by the judges? Do one thing just google the questions and the replies for the same by the winners. You will be amazed to learn the answers given by the leading fashion divas. Some have shown interest in dedicating services to the poor while some chose to help the social reforms and some came forward to bring awareness among people against the deadly diseases like AIDS and Cancer. You need to cultivate a philanthropic attitude besides your beauty treatment.

  1. Common and special skill sets:

Apart from the above-mentioned traits, in order to mould personality as an iconic fashion diva, you need to have certain common and special skill sets like Caring, Cohesiveness, team player and leader, ready to accept the change, an initiative in doing and accepting something new.

Considering the time constraint let me conclude that Fashion and Style are the translation of your inner personality.  Let me share with you what Shawn Ashmore, a Canadian film, and television actor, says about it,

“Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.”

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