When someone says, I love my workplace

Life is short, Work somewhere AWESOME !!

Many corporate giants are focusing on the area of humour at the work place as they have recognized the significance of the productivity of a relaxed and joyful mind. Humour is something that is the only remedy in the hands of the company professionals that will bring in self-motivation. And yes, when your subordinates are self motivated they sure to help you achieve the anticipated organizational goals. No companies would prefer to pay for Doing Nothing and every company is much more interested in investing which can raise their earnings in multiplication and a Lighter work Atmosphere is the remedy for it. The productivity can be increased when an employee is Happy to Work and Not Ready to Work.

There are the industry lead companies from India and abroad as well that have accepted and introduced the concept of “Be at ease while you work”. They have to accept it because the fast and vast expanding horizons of products and services bring tremendous work pressure on the working people. They people badly need a relaxed mindset with a happy-to work- feel the atmosphere. You will be pleased to know that companies like to Google India, RMSI, Marriott Hotels, American Express India, Twitter, Godrej Consumer Products, Lifestyle International, Forbes Marshall, have dug deep in this area and have brought in the changes needed to give their employees a better work environment. Let me explain it in some lighter way:

An artist, a psychologist, and a corporate manager are facing a firing squad. They are each allowed one last request. The artist says, “I’d love to have one last look at an impressionist painting.” The psychologist asks to give a brief talk about coping with stress. The corporate manager then jumps up and says, “Shoot me first! I can’t take another talk on stress management!”

Let us have a look at the KRA (Key Result Areas) where you can bring in the needed change and make an organization of fun-loving people rather than a complex, autonomous, and boring entity running in some direction without soul and inputs.

1. Communication:
“I was not aware of it.” Or “I was not intimated about it.” are the most common excuses that an executive has to face now and then by his subordinates. And undoubtedly, the response to it usually results in a hot discussion, instructions, formal notices etc. But it is something like giving the treatment of Symptoms instead of curing the disease from the root. A preferable practice would be to setting up proper communication channels and smoothening the flow of communication.

2. Courtesy:
It is most usually found that people develop tendency somehow to approach someone for some work impromptu. They even do not take care that the fellow guy might be busy doing some other job. The end result is obvious- acceptance without involvement. On the other hand, many of us have not learnt the art of saying NO when you wish to No. Very tragicomic situations arise widening the distances between superior-subordinates or two subordinates.

3. Freedom and equity:
Everyone loves to entertain Freedom and equity but few dare to part it with others. It is equally important to value the freedom of expression in an organization as you expect others to value your own. Suppose, if your junior turns up to you, no matter how small the suggestion or idea it is, as a senior you need to appreciate it. If you bring in your status or superiority, you are sure to lose two important things from your subordinates- Loyalty & Invaluable suggestions.

4. Ethical standards and transparency:
Don’t rewards only when there is something New To Offer by your subordinate but always cherish your appreciation with reward when something Good from your subordinate. It would 100% give them the feeling of something their own for the organization. Simultaneously, always maintain transparency at every layer of your organization.

6. Team Building:
People will accept you as a leader if you can spare your time in hearing their voices with different frequencies. Yes, you need to the tactful mind that paves the path of harmony easily without any dislike and disrespect. Let us conclude with an interesting incident.

A woman was promoted to a managerial position, giving her position superior to that of former members of her team. Knowing that this would create conflict with team members, she called a meeting to deal with the transition. She said, “Don’t think of me as your boss. Just think of me as a friend—a friend who’s always right!” Carlos Rodon Womens Jersey

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